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ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp

ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp
Day and night heat source

Ideal for nocturnal species and for providing a permanent night-time heat source.

  • Creates local warmth simulating retained daytime heat
  • Provides light and heat, increases ambient air temperature
  • Encourages natural thermo-regulatory behaviour

ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp  - Screw (ES) 40w
On Site (1-4 working days)
Screw (ES) 40w
Earn 15 PetPoints

ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp  - Bayonet (BC) 40w
On Site (1-4 working days)
Bayonet (BC) 40w
Earn 16 PetPoints

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What are ProRep Red Night Spot Lamps used for?

Best used to create a night-time basking spot within your vivarium. Perfect for viewing nocturnal species with minimal disturbance.

Additional Information

Make sure that the wattage is appropriate for the animal and enclosure size and construction.

Use in an approved fitting of the correct type. Mount the light directly above the basking site approximately 1/3 from one end of the tank to create a temperature gradient allowing natural thermo-regulatory behaviour.

The use of a dimming thermostat is highly recommended to prevent overheating. The use of a guard is essential to ensure that your animal cannot get burnt.

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