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Pangea products for sale

A selection of diet supplements and complete formulas for Rhacodactylus, Phelsuma, Lygodactylus and other fruit eating geckos. Developed and tested at Pangea Reptile on one of the largest collections of geckos in the United States.

Pangea Fruit Mix
Pangea Fruit MixDietary supplementPrices from£8.25
This formula is best used to supply the fruit eating portion of a gecko's diet, but when still offering live food once or twice a week, along with supplementation.
Pangea Fruit Mix Complete (Flavours)
Pangea Fruit Mix Complete (Flavours)Complete formulaPrices from£8.75
A complete formula suitable for some species of gecko, which allows you to provide a balanced diet without the necessity of offering feeder insects.
Pangea Fruit Mix Complete with Insects
Pangea Fruit Mix Complete with InsectsComplete formulaPrices from£8.75
A great alternative to the flavoured diets and with a proven, enthusiast, feeding response.