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Microclimate Pulse B2 HT Thermostat

Microclimate Pulse B2 HT Thermostat
For heat mats and ceramic heaters

Precise temperature control of non-light emitting heat sources.

  • Temperature range 29-45°C
  • LED lights during operation
  • Enclosed key for easy temperature adjustment
  • Five years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the UK

Microclimate Pulse B2 HT Thermostat - Black
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What do you use Microclimate Pulse B2 HT Thermostats for?

Identical to the standard B2 model but calibrated to a higher temperature range. Perfect for desert and high basking species.

Additional information

These devices have an anti-tamper adjustment dial which can be twisted with the enclosed key to set the desired operating temperature. It is recommended to manually check temperatures with a digital thermometer. Do not rely solely on the calibration setting of any thermostat device, there will often be slight variance depending on the probe position.

If attaching your thermostat control box to the front of your vivarium, we’d recommend using one of the Microclimate Mounting Brackets.

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