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Meal Replacement Powders for sale

A range of specialist diets that form a soft type paste when mixed with water.

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Exo Terra Crested Gecko Food
Exo Terra Crested Gecko FoodComplete food ready to servePrices from£9.19
Perfect for anyone who doesn't like mixing up traditional meal replacement powders. Each cup closely resembles that of a jelly pot and will fit inside standard jelly pot holders.
Natures Grub Pacman Frog Food
Natures Grub Pacman Frog FoodFor horned and bullfrogsPrices from£3.99
A complete food suitable for horned, African bullfrogs and for all life stages from juvenile to adult.
Pangea Fruit Mix
Pangea Fruit MixDietary supplementPrices from£8.25
This formula is best used to supply the fruit eating portion of a gecko's diet, but when still offering live food once or twice a week, along with supplementation.
Pangea Fruit Mix Complete (Flavours)
Pangea Fruit Mix Complete (Flavours)Complete formulaPrices from£8.75
A complete formula suitable for some species of gecko, which allows you to provide a balanced diet without the necessity of offering feeder insects.
Pangea Fruit Mix Complete with Insects
Pangea Fruit Mix Complete with InsectsComplete formulaPrices from£8.75
A great alternative to the flavoured diets and with a proven, enthusiast, feeding response.
Repashy Crested Gecko Diet
Repashy Crested Gecko DietMeal replacement powderPrices from£9.99
This is the original Repashy meal replacement powder for all fruit eating geckos. If keeping species such as Crested Gecko, this is a must purchase to ensure you animal receives all the additional vitamins it requires.
Repashy Superfoods Crested Gecko Classic
Repashy Superfoods Crested Gecko ClassicMeal replacement powderPrices from£11.99
A direct alternative to the traditional Repashy Crested Gecko Diet.
Repashy Superfoods Crested Gecko Mango
Repashy Superfoods Crested Gecko MangoMeal replacement powderPrices from£11.99
A direct alternative to the traditional Repashy Crested Gecko Diet.
Repashy Superfoods Grubs n Fruit
Repashy Superfoods Grubs n FruitMeal replacement powderPrices from£11.99
A complete diet that is a direct alternative to the traditional Repashy Crested Gecko formula.
Repashy Superfoods Savory Stew
Repashy Superfoods Savory StewMeal replacement gelPrices from£10.64
Ideal for meal loving reptiles and amphibians.
Repashy SuperPig
Repashy SuperPigPigment enhancement formulaPrices from£11.99
Repashy pigment enhancement formula is a Carotenoid Supplement designed to enhance the diet and appearance of Reptiles, Fish, Amphibians and Birds.
Repashy SuperVeggie
Repashy SuperVeggieAll in one vegetable supplementPrices from£9.99
The Repashy SuperVeggie is an all in one vegetable supplement that provides all essential Vitamins and Minerals for Herbivores.
Repashy Veggie Burger
Repashy Veggie BurgerOmnivore gel premixPrices from£9.99
The Repashy Veggie Burger has been designed for omnivorous species; this can be made into small cubes or shredded.
Zoo Med Adult Crested Gecko Food
Zoo Med Adult Crested Gecko FoodMeal replacement powderPrices from£5.59
Zoo Med's Crested Gecko Food is designed for adult Crested Geckos and other geckos from New Caledonia (Rhacodactylus species and relatives). Includes the same nutritional content they find in nature.
Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food
Zoo Med Pacman Frog FoodMeal replacement powder Prices from£3.99
Specifically formulated as a nutritious diet for pacman and African bullfrogs. An easy to use product and great alternative to more commonly offered insect and rodent diets.

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