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Misting Systems, Foggers and Waterfalls for sale

Often used with rainforest species of reptile and amphibian in bio-active enclosures. These products are a great way of increasing natural humidity in your enclosure.

Exo Terra Fogger
Exo Terra FoggerUltrsonic fog generatorPrices from£48.59
Generates a cold mist in all types of terrariums. Ideal for increasing humidity levels and creating a natural misty and damp environment.
Exo Terra Monsoon RS400/High-Pressure Misting System
Exo Terra Monsoon RS400/High-Pressure Misting SystemMisting systemPrices from£8.71
The Monsoon RS400 is a programmable misting system suitable for all types of terrariums. It helps maintain optimal humidity by generating a fine mist at programmed intervals.
Exo Terra Reptile Fountain
Exo Terra Reptile FountainSlow running water for reptilesPrices from£25.80
The Exo Terra Reptile Fountain is a unique water dish that supplies your reptiles and amphibians with a continuous supply of fresh, clean, aerated drinking water.
Exo Terra Tiki Waterfall
Exo Terra Tiki WaterfallPolynesian themedPrices from£38.99
One of the fantastic Exo Terra waterfalls but with a Polynesian twist.
Exo Terra Waterfall
Exo Terra WaterfallRunning water for your exotic petPrices from£33.52
The new pebble design of the Exo Terra Waterfall brings the natural look of a small, cascading stream into your living room.
HabiStat Humidifier
HabiStat HumidifierUltrasonic fog generatorPrices from£64.99
Ideal for increasing humidity in a vivarium or terrarium environment.
Mistking Double Misting Nozzle
Mistking Double Misting NozzleL and T shapedPrices from£27.99
Twin nozzles which allow the expansion of MistKing starter kits.
Mistking Single Misting Nozzle
Mistking Single Misting NozzleL and T shapedPrices from£19.99
Single nozzles which allow the expansion of MistKing starter kits.
Mistking Starter Misting System
Mistking Starter Misting SystemPerfect for tropical terrariumsPrices from£169.99
MistKing misting systems are renowned for their high quality and impeccable reliability making them a popular choice for Zoos, private hobbyists and botanical gardens around the world.
Zoo Med Dripper
Zoo Med DripperPerfect for tropical speciesPrices from£10.99
Zoo Meds Drippers simulate natural rainfall and provide humidity for captive reptiles.
Zoo Med Repti Rain
Zoo Med Repti RainPortable rain systemPrices from£93.99
The Zoo Med Repti Rain allows you to programme regular misting within your exotic petís enclosure.
Zoo Med Repti-Fogger
Zoo Med Repti-FoggerUltrasonic fog generatorPrices from£75.99
An efficient and adjustable fogging device which is very easy to operate.
Zoo Med Waterfall Kit
Zoo Med Waterfall KitKit to make your own waterfallPrices from£35.99
Ever wanted to make your own waterfall in your terrarium, well now you can with the Zoo Med Waterfall Kit.