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Exotic Pets Oak Leaf Litter

Exotic Pets Oak Leaf Litter
Natural terrarium decor

Oak Leaf litter is perfect for use in bio-active and naturalistic terrariums. Use for decoration, ground cover, and feeding invertebrates

Exotic Pets Oak Leaf Litter - Regular 1 Litre
On Site (1-4 working days)
Regular 1 Litre
Earn 24 PetPoints

Exotic Pets Oak Leaf Litter - Nano 1 Litre
On Site (1-4 working days)
Nano 1 Litre
Earn 24 PetPoints

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What is Oak Leaf Litter?

Our leaf litter is responsibly sourced, heat treated to sterilise the leaves, dried out and then packaged. This process ensures they are safe for terrarium use.

Oak leaves are around 10cm long with 4–5 deep lobes with smooth edges.

The benefits of Oak Leaf Litter

Leaf litters most common use is for decoration and ground cover, this natural layered medium helps reduce moisture loss and maintain higher humidity levels. It is perfect for species of dart frog, tropical geckos and more. It’s also a great food source for many species of beetle, isopod, millipede, and springtails. 

Whilst collecting your own leaf litter is possible, it does come with some risk. Areas of high pollution, where pesticides have been used, an increased risk of disease, introduction of unwanted pests such as fungal gnats, slugs, and spiders into your terrarium; usually outweigh the benefits. Therefore, sterilised leaves make a much safer and stress-free alternative for you and your exotic pet.

How to use Oak Leaf Litter 

There are several application methods that can be used.

  1. Spread across your terrarium floor.
  2. Place leaves into culturing tubs for various clean-up crews.
  3. Crush and mix with your chosen soil-based substrate for feeding to beetle larvae and millipede species.
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