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Monkfield Terrainium

Monkfield Terrainium
Snake vivarium

An alternative and stylish vivarium suitable for a variety of different snake species.

  • 3 different colour finishes
  • Top opening lid
  • Secure locking catches
  • Well ventilated
  • Perfect for new snake keepers
  • Setup time in less than 5 minutes

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Monkfield Terrariniums are the perfect housing solution for Corn, Rat, King and Milk Snakes, and Royal Pythons. Available in 4 different sizes to house everything from hatchling to adult snakes. These enclosures are designed to be used in conjunction with both heat mats, digital thermometers and thermostats (sold seperately).

  • Delivered pre-built in 3 different colour finishes
  • This terrainium has a top opening lid with secure locking catches to prevent accidental escapees
  • Setup time is less than 5 minutes as no drilling or screwing involved. Simply slide a heat mat between the double glass base at the back of the Terrainium and place a thermostat probe cable through the pre-drilled hole and grommet. Add your decor to the enclosure and plug it in
  • Tried and tested for practicality and durability
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