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Exotic Pets Essentials Tortoise Kit

Exotic Pets Essentials Tortoise Kit
Quality guaranteed

Ideal for Tortoise enthusiasts looking to keep their first reptile, and for experienced keepers wanting a new pet.

Exotic Pets Essentials Tortoise Kit - Oak Table and Contents
On Site (1-4 working days)
Oak Table and Contents
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Exotic Pets Essentials Tortoise Kit - Black Table and Contents
On Site (1-4 working days)
Black Table and Contents
Earn 1499 PetPoints

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All our setups have been thoughtfully designed by the Exotic Pets team, pooling together their collective knowledge in creating the optimum environment for your pet.

We pride ourselves on our kits containing everything your reptile needs both physically and mentally as standard to ensure it thrives in your care.

What’s in our Essentials Tortoise Kit and why?

In the wild, Tortoises originate from areas far warmer than our climate. Thankfully, gone are the days of people keeping them in the garden and overwintering them in a cardboard box. We are determined to ensure this outdated practice is eradicated- our Essentials Tortoise Kit includes everything you will need for a healthy, happy tortoise who will thrive for many years in your care.

Our essentials kit includes a W900 x D450 x H215mm tortoise table; allowing for more freedom of movement, greater range for thermoregulation and more space to add natural décor to enhance environmental enrichment. 

UVB lighting is essential towards the health and well-being of all reptiles. Tortoises are essentially ‘solar powered’ in that they require the suns rays to function. We include essential heating and lighting by way of a combined Heat and UVB bulb, in a dome fitting, secured to the upright on the table. This enables you to replicate the temperatures from their natural habitat. With basking temperatures of around 36°C for most species, we include a digital thermometer for piece of mind to ensure the correct temperature requirements are being met. The lighting is recommended to be on for 12 hours during the day, so we provide a 24 hour timer to allow everything to be switched off at night to allow for a natural night time temperature drop.

In the wild, tortoises graze upon hundreds of different plant species. In captivity our goal should be to provide as much variety as possible, but to ensure they are receiving the correct balance of nutrients we suggest supplementation. Included are a range of live edible plants; all perfect as they form part of their natural diet.

Calcium and multivitamins are something we advocate using throughout your tortoises entire life, it is as vital as the use of UVB. The combination of both is key for avoiding problems such as soft, deformed shells and metabolic bone disease; which is an avoidable debilitating condition resulting from poor calcium levels. Included with the essentials kit is calcium and multivitamins to sprinkle on your greens, plus a tortoise calcium block (which also helps to keep beaks trim). 

Water quality is also important; although tortoises are a hardy species who don’t drink a lot, we include a water conditioner to neutralise the chemicals in tap water and add beneficial electrolytes. Use this in the shallow rock effect water dish provided- perfectly sized for allowing the tortoise to sit and bathe in the shallow water.

A natural looking habitat is not only aesthetically pleasing but it provides enrichment for your tortoise, encouraging instinctual behaviour. Included with your Essentials Kit is natural Cork Bark, this is perfect for creating a hiding area.

Given that the included heating and lighting equipment will be providing the optimum environment for your tortoises digestive system, our kit comes with a sand/soil based substrate blended to mimic the natural terrain a wild tortoise lives on. The Essentials kit also includes a sand scoop and reptile safe disinfectant for keeping the environment clean and smelling fresh.

Essentials Kit contents:

  • Tortoise Table - W900 x D450 x H215mm Flat Pack, available in a choice of two colours. This size is perfect for Juveniles up to approximately 15cm
  • Combined D3 UVB and Basking Bulb - UVB and heat are essential for the health and wellbeing of your tortoise
  • Dome Reflector Fitting - High temperature heat proof, easy fit to hold the heat bulb securely
  • 24hr Timer - To regulate the daylight hours within your enclosure
  • Digital Thermometer - The most accurate method of checking the temperature within the habitat
  • Complete Calcium & Multivitamins - In conjunction with UVB, these high quality supplements will keep your tortoise healthy
  • Calcium Block - Ideal for helping keep beaks trim
  • Shallow Food and Water Dish - Allowing easy access for your tortoise to feed and bathe
  • Edible Live Plants - Perfect to vary their diet
  • Dry Food - Perfect to mix in with your daily greens to boost nutrients
  • Tortoise Substrate - Specifically blended to mimic your tortoises natural terrain
  • Natural Cork - perfect for an extra little retreat
  • Reptisafe - Makes tap water safe
  • Disinfectant - Reptile safe, perfect for deep cleaning and deodorising
  • Sand Scoop - For daily spot cleaning


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