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Exotic Pets Essentials Mantis Starter Kit

Exotic Pets Essentials Mantis Starter Kit
Housing for young Mantids

Contains everything you need to house and maintain young Praying Mantis and other small arboreal invertebrate species such as stick insects and jumping spiders.

Exotic Pets Essentials Mantis Starter Kit - 670ml Starter Kit
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670ml Starter Kit
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What is the Praying Mantis Starter Kit?

A secure plastic container including essential substrate and decor, perfectly designed for hobbyists to keep and maintain their Praying Mantis species.

  • Secure plastic container with a mesh insert on the lid - 670ml (135 x95mm).
  • Moss substrate.
  • Artificial Plant.
  • Spray Bottle

The benefits of the Praying Mantis Starter Kit

This starter kit is perfectly sized to house a single Mantis, providing stable humidity levels, security and environmental enrichment.

  • Ideal for rearing Juveniles and adults of some smaller species.
  • Fine but durable mesh mounted into the lid for maximum ventilation which provides a secure place for the mantis to moult.
  • Crystal clear for optimal all round viewing.
  • Secure lid, offering easy access for feeding and watering.

How to use the Praying Mantis Starter Kit

A quick setup guide.

  1. Place the substrate into the tub, filling approximately 3cm in depth to aid humidity levels in the enclosure.
  2. Place the artificial plant into the enclosure, ensuring there is plenty of spread to allow maximum use of the available vertical space.
  3. Use the water spray bottle to lightly mist the enclosure to ensure the correct humidity levels for your species are maintained.
  4. Make sure the mantis is away from the lid before placing on top and pressing down to secure it.

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