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Exotic Pets Canoinhas Pods

Exotic Pets Canoinhas Pods
Natural decor for your terrarium

Best used as a decorative piece in your terrarium or as a temporary source of water.

  • Provide natural enrichment
  • Suitable for all species of reptile, amphibian and invertebrate
  • Pieces will vary in size, shape and colour
  • Collected from areas of sustainability

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What are Canoinhas Pods?

Naturally rounded, beautifully textured and contrasting colours. Also known as coco boats. Perfect for naturalistic terrarium and vivarium setups.

How we use Canoinhas Pods

Canoinhas Pods make beautiful decorative pieces and are best used in terrariums as ground cover. Their naturally rounded shape provides climbing opportunities for small species and the inner part of the pod will hold water temporarily. Ideal for species such as dart frogs, where the use of a water bowl can be difficult.

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