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Cage Security for sale

When you keep exotic animals, it is wise to keep your enclosures as secure as possible. We offer several different options of cage security including key locks and simple rubber wedges.

Exo Terra Combination Padlock for Glass Terrarium
Exo Terra Combination Padlock for Glass TerrariumSecurityPrices from£4.87
For use with the Exo Terra Glass Terrariums. These combination padlocks give you peace of mind by securing your tank. Especially useful in households that have young children.
Komodo Glass Door Strips
Komodo Glass Door StripsIdeal for sliding glass doorsPrices from£3.69
Sliding doors on terrariums commonly have a small gap where the doors overlap.
ProRep Cage Door Security Wedges
ProRep Cage Door Security WedgesFor glass vivariumsPrices from£3.50
A budget but effective way of stopping reptiles escaping from vivariums.
ProRep Viv Lock
ProRep Viv Lock For sliding glass doorsPrices from£4.79
Perfect for use with wooden vivariums and terrariums with sliding glass doors.
Vivexotic Viva Vivarium Lock
Vivexotic Viva Vivarium Lock For viva models onlyPrices from£10.95
Perfect for securing Vivexotic Viva vivariums.