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Pet Care for sale

One of the most important topics of keeping exotic pets is their care, here you will find a broad range of books, calcium and vitamin supplements, medications and treatments.

Arcadia Bio-Activity and the Theory of Wild Re-Creation
Arcadia Bio-Activity and the Theory of Wild Re-CreationBy John Courteney-SmithPrices from£17.99
Learn how and why going bio-active benefits your reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.
Arcadia Earthpro-A
Arcadia Earthpro-AMultivitamin supplementPrices from£5.39
A safe and potent natural full spectrum vitamin powder for all exotic pets.
Arcadia Earthpro-Ca
Arcadia Earthpro-CaCalcium supplementPrices from£2.99
A quality natural calcium dusting powder for all exotic pets.
Arcadia Guide to MBD and its Elimination in Captivity
Arcadia Guide to MBD and its Elimination in CaptivityBy John Courteney-SmithPrices from£9.99
A clear and concise guide to metabolic function and nutritional diseases in reptiles, amphibians and inverts.
Arcadia Guide to Reptile and Amphibian Nutrition
Arcadia Guide to Reptile and Amphibian NutritionBy John Courteney-SmithPrices from£14.99
A detailed look at biological function, vitamin groups and the nutritional needs of exotic pets.
Arcadia The Elements Series Part 1: Fire
Arcadia The Elements Series Part 1: FireBy John Courteney-SmithPrices from£17.99
A book explaining the relationship from nature to vivarium.
Callington Mite Spray
Callington Mite SprayReptile treatmentPrices from£23.99
Most mite treatment products in comparison can only be used on enclosures, and any mites living within the snake scales may escape treatment. This can be applied directly with its unique formula being safe for reptiles.
ECO Tarantulas and Scorpions in Captivity
ECO Tarantulas and Scorpions in CaptivityBy Russ GurleyPrices from£8.75
The keeping of invertebrates as pets is growing across the world, Tarantulas and Scorpions are at the front of this exciting movement.
ECO Turtles in Captivity
ECO Turtles in CaptivityBy Russ GurleyPrices from£8.75
Turtles in Captivity is a great book for all turtle keepers to have on hand. The information provided in this book can help the first-time turtle keeper, as well as offer insight for the more advanced hobbyist.
Exo Terra Aquatize
Exo Terra AquatizeWater treatmentPrices from£6.79
The Exo Terra Aquatize is a treatment to remove chlorine in water, ideal to use within your pet amphibians water.
Exo Terra Calcimize
Exo Terra CalcimizeWater treatmentPrices from£8.29
Exo Terra Calcimize removes harmful chemicals that are present in tap water and added calcium. This is ideal to use with reptile drinking water.
Exo Terra Collapsible Snake Hook
Exo Terra Collapsible Snake HookSnake handling hookPrices from£10.79
The Exo Terra Snake Hook is designed to make snake-handling easier and safer for both handler and snake.
F10 Disinfectant Wipes
F10 Disinfectant WipesFor single usePrices from£11.49
Easy to use, biodegradable wipes in an easy dispensing pack.
F10 Hand Gel
F10 Hand GelNon-irritantPrices from£12.99
Ideal for when a sink is not available, as effective as F10SC and completely safe to use on skin.
F10 Hand Scrub
F10 Hand ScrubNon-irritantPrices from£11.99
High level and broad spectrum hand scrub, ideal for all exotic pet keepers.
F10 Odour Eliminator
F10 Odour EliminatorPre-dilutedPrices from£13.99
Ready to use solution of the widely recognised veterinary disinfectant, but with added pine fragrance.
F10 Reptile Disinfectant Ready to Use
F10 Reptile Disinfectant Ready to Use Pre-dilutedPrices from£12.79
Ready to use solution of the widely recognised veterinary disinfectant. Available as a trigger spray or refill.
F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant
F10 SC Veterinary DisinfectantConcentrated solutionPrices from£13.49
Concentrated solutions of the widely recognised veterinary disinfectant. Available in four sizes.
F10 SCXD Veterinary Disinfectant / Cleanser
F10 SCXD Veterinary Disinfectant / CleanserConcentrated solutionPrices from£13.49
Concentrated solution with added detergent, of the widely recognised veterinary disinfectant. Available in four sizes.
HabiStat Snake Hook
HabiStat Snake HookFor handling snakesPrices from£18.99
Perfect for keepers who lack confidence or keep aggressive species of snake.
Komodo Claw Clippers
Komodo Claw ClippersEssential toolPrices from£4.99
Safe, accurate and easy to use, Komodo's Claw Clippers help to keep a reptiles claws trim.
Komodo Reptile Scales
Komodo Reptile ScalesFor monitoring your pets weightPrices from£17.39
Perfect for accurately measuring and monitoring your reptiles weight. An essential tool for snake and gecko breeders.
Komodo Sand Scoop
Komodo Sand ScoopFor spot cleaningPrices from£3.29
Regular cage maintenance is a vital aspect of keeping any exotic pets and sand scoops help make spot cleaning easy.
ProRep Calci Dust
ProRep Calci DustCalcium supplementPrices from£3.19
Many reptiles and amphibians need their food supplemented with a quality dusting powder. This provides them with additional calcium forming an essential part of their diet.
ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel
ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand GelSanitising Hand GelPrices from£6.79
The ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel is highly recommended if you keep exotic pets. Use after handling reptiles to prevent spread of any viruses.
ProRep ProTect Ultimate
ProRep ProTect UltimateReptile vivarium disinfectantPrices from£7.99
The ProRep ProTect Ulimate is a strong disinfectant killing bacteria and salmonella.
ProRep Tortoise Calcium Blocks
ProRep Tortoise Calcium BlocksA soft and natural source of calciumPrices from£9.99
Packed with a highly bio-available calcium carbonate to ensure maximum absorbency in the gut.
ProRep Tortoise Life Calci Dust
ProRep Tortoise Life Calci DustCalcium supplementPrices from£5.59
Tortoise keepers are often faced with having to buy multiple tubs of calcium. ProRep are now offering larger jars of calcium complete with shaker cap for efficiently dusting foods.
ProRep Viv Clean
ProRep Viv CleanVivarium cleaner and disinfectantPrices from£5.99
ProRep Viv Clean has been specially formulated to be used with reptiles to destroy bacteria including salmonella and other micro-organisms.
Repashy Calcium Plus
Repashy Calcium PlusAll-in-one supplementPrices from£9.99
Our All-in-One calcium supplement with added vitamins, trace minerals and carotenoids for dusting insects. No need for a separate vitamin supplement.
Repashy Calcium Plus LOD
Repashy Calcium Plus LODVitamin and calcium supplementPrices from£9.99
The Repashy Calcium Plus LOD is an all-in-one Calcium Supplement with added Vitamins, trace Minerals, and Carotenoids for species with low Vitamin D requirements that receive moderate UVB radiation from natural or artificial sunlight.
Repashy Formic-Cal Plus
Repashy Formic-Cal PlusAnt eater supplementPrices from£9.99
Repashy Formic-Cal Plus is a new product on the market and research is still being carried out; it is designed for ant-eating species.
Repashy SuperVeggie
Repashy SuperVeggieAll-in-one herbivore supplementPrices from£9.99
Our "all-in-one" calcium supplement for herbivorous and omnivorous reptiles and amphibians. With added vitamins, trace minerals and carotenoids. No need for a separate vitamin supplement.
Repashy Vitamin A Plus
Repashy Vitamin A PlusMicro-fine vitamin supplementPrices from£9.99
Our micro fine vitamin A supplement for reptiles and amphibians. Contains preformed vitamin A as well as natural ingredients which provide beta carotene.
Taurrus LIVE Biological Mite Control
Taurrus LIVE Biological Mite ControlCheyletus eraditusPrices from£24.99
The safest way of treating mite problems in your vivarium or terrarium. Ideal for snakes, lizards and pet invertebrates.
Vetark ACE-High
Vetark ACE-HighMultivitamin for reptilesPrices from£8.79
Vetark ACE-High is a multivitamin with extra amounts of vitamins A,C and E which help animals during stress.
Vetark Arkvits
Vetark ArkvitsMultivitamin for reptilesPrices from£7.89
This is a broad spectrum high-potency multivitamin mixture for general supplementation of foods particularly for large adult reptiles.
Vetark Avipro Plus
Vetark Avipro PlusVitaminsPrices from£11.05
Avipro Plus is perfectly safe and suitable for use in all species from exotic pets to poultry and dogs. This is a prebiotic soluble fibre plus vitamins and glucose.
Vetark BSP Drops
Vetark BSP DropsAdd to waterPrices from£7.65
BSP stands for Broad Spectrum, this is a high potency vitamin drops so that only a small amount is needed.
Vetark Calcium Lactate
Vetark Calcium LactateAdd calcium to drinking waterPrices from£11.05
Vetark Calcium Lactate is a powdered calcium supplement that is adding to water.
Vetark Critical Care
Vetark Critical CareCritical care formulaPrices from£13.95
Vetark Critical Care is the ultimate product for emergency feeding of any species including reptiles.
Vetark Nutrobal
Vetark NutrobalMultivitamin for reptilesPrices from£6.29
A vitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated as a high calcium balancer for insectivorous animals and birds.
Vetark Reptoboost
Vetark ReptoboostAdd to drinking waterPrices from£11.05
Vetark Reptoboost is a probiotic combination of bacteria, enzymes, electrolytes and vitamins. Its high palatability means it can be added to the drinking water making its use simple for all species of reptiles.
Vetark Tamodine
Vetark TamodineWound and skin cleanserPrices from£8.09
This has a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria, protozoa, yeasts, fungi and some viruses. It has all of the activity of free iodine but with much reduced irritant sensitising effects, and it does not stain.
Vetark Tamodine E
Vetark Tamodine EMultipurpose disinfectantPrices from£11.25
Tamodine E is an iodophore disinfectant, it is suitable for general purpose vivarium disinfection
White Python NutriRep
White Python NutriRepCalcium and vitamin supplement Prices from£5.19
A complete all-in-one calcium and vitamin dusting powder which can be coated on feeder insects or sprinkled over greens.
WildPet TV
WildPet TVDVD care on exotic petsPrices from£1.00
A great introduction into the world of exotic pet keeping with Della Golding in the WildPet TV series. These step by step guides help ensure a better life for both the keeper and the kept.
Zoo Med Deluxe Collapsible Snake Hook
Zoo Med Deluxe Collapsible Snake HookAdjustable snake hookPrices from£7.99
The Zoo Med Deluxe Collapsible Snake Hook is ideal for moving small snakes or taking along on herping trips.
Zoo Med Deluxe Shovel Scooper
Zoo Med Deluxe Shovel ScooperFor spot cleaningPrices from£8.99
Wide profile design with angled edges for spot cleaning. Perfect for cleaning sand-based substrates in larger enclosures.
Zoo Med Repti Calcium With D3
Zoo Med Repti Calcium With D3Vitamin supplementPrices from£4.79
Repti Calcium is an ultra fine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement with Vitamin D3.
Zoo Med Repti Calcium Without D3
Zoo Med Repti Calcium Without D3Vitamin supplementPrices from£3.79
Repti Calcium is an ultra fine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement.
Zoo Med Repti Sand Scooper
Zoo Med Repti Sand ScooperFor spot cleaningPrices from£7.29
Heavy duty sand scooper for spot cleaning. Angled edges for easy cleaning of corners. Perfect for cleaning sand based substrates.
Zoo Med Repti Shedding Aid
Zoo Med Repti Shedding AidHealth treatmentPrices from£5.49
Zoo Med Repti Shedding Aid helps with the removal of dried skin.
Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops
Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye DropsHealth treatmentPrices from£5.99
Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops can be used as a prevention for eye problems.
Zoo Med Reptisafe
Zoo Med ReptisafeWater conditionerPrices from£4.19
The first instant terrarium water conditioner for reptiles and amphibians.
Zoo Med Reptivite With D3
Zoo Med Reptivite With D3Vitamin supplementPrices from£5.69
Zoo Med is proud to offer ReptiviteTM, a complete vitamin, mineral, and amino acid complex specifically formulated for reptiles.
Zoo Med Reptivite Without D3
Zoo Med Reptivite Without D3Vitamin supplementPrices from£5.59
Zoo Med is proud to offer Reptivite without D3TM, a complete vitamin, mineral, and amino acid complex specifically formulated for reptiles.
Zoo Med Tortoise Block
Zoo Med Tortoise BlockSupplemental calcium blockPrices from£4.19
The Zoo Med Tortoise Block provides enrichment to tortoises as they bite the block to get to the food inside and helps prevent beaks from over growing.
Zoo Med Turtle Bone
Zoo Med Turtle BoneVitamin supplementPrices from£3.19
Zoo Med Turtle Bone is a natural floating source of calcium for all aquatic turtles, box turtles, and tortoises.
Zoo Med Wipe Out
Zoo Med Wipe OutEnclosure disinfectantPrices from£7.79
The Zoo Med Wipe Out is a terrarium and small animal cage disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer.

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