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Exotic Pets Millipede Starter Kit

Exotic Pets Millipede Starter Kit
Complete Setup

This kit includes everything you need to start out in keeping Millipedes.

Exotic Pets Millipede Starter Kit - Complete Setup
On Site (1-4 working days)
Complete Setup
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This kit is ideal for beginners and contains all the essentials to setup and maintain millipedes.

Contents may vary from photo for other like for like equipment. Please see below for the list of items contained in our Exotic Pets Millipedes Starter Kit;

  • Large plastic faunarium (370 x 220 x 250 mm)
  • Low wattage heat mat for minimal running costs
  • Cork bark or coco hide that can be used as a natural hide or decoration
  • Compact coco substrate that expands when water is added
  • Thermometer dial for measuring temperatures in the terrarium
  • Hygrometer dial for measuring humidity in the terrarium
  • A small hand sprayer to help maintain humidity
  • Decor pack to add a little natural decoration to the terrarium
  • Cuttlefish Bone

Please note: This kit has been put together from years of experience, with the best products available. It offers excellent value for money.

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