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Natural Decor and Hides for sale

If you want to give your exotic pet enclosure a natural look then browse our choice of natural woods, branches and vines.

Exo Terra Forest Branch
Exo Terra Forest BranchNatural branchPrices from£4.64
These branches are perfect for smaller vivaria and glass terrariums adding essential enrichment and providing mental stimulation.
Exotic Pets Buddha Nuts
Exotic Pets Buddha NutsNatural decor for your terrariumPrices from£1.99
Best used as a natural hide or as a piece of terrarium decoration to climb on and bask.
Exotic Pets Coco Para Leaf
Exotic Pets Coco Para LeafNatural decor for your terrariumPrices from£1.39
A large decorative and aesthetically pleasing piece of decor perfect for use on the terrarium floor.
Exotic Pets Elephant Ear Seed Pods
Exotic Pets Elephant Ear Seed PodsNatural decor for your terrariumPrices from£0.79
Fantastic decorative pieces. There unique size and shape allow climbing opportunities for smaller terrarium species and if positioned correctly, can be used as a natural hides.
Exotic Pets Jacaranda Pods
Exotic Pets Jacaranda PodsNatural decor for your terrariumPrices from£0.99
Small decorative pieces that are perfect for use on the terrarium floor.
Komodo Bamboo Tunnel
Komodo Bamboo TunnelNatural hidePrices from£3.29
Completely natural bamboo tunnel providing an ideal hiding place for reptiles & live food.
Komodo Coconut Den
Komodo Coconut DenNatural hidePrices from£1.79
The most natural way of providing shelter and security within your exotic pet enclosure.
Komodo Flexi Stix
Komodo Flexi StixTerrarium decorationPrices from£1.99
A versatile natural decor product with multiple uses such as forming hides and bridges.
Komodo Liana Root
Komodo Liana RootProvides natural enrichmentPrices from£8.50
From renewable sources and a 100% natural material, each piece of our Liana Root is individual and can be easily cut to suit any terrarium.
Komodo Natural Basking Platform
Komodo Natural Basking PlatformProvides natural enrichmentPrices from£6.39
Simple and easy to establish basking and climbing areas adding enrichment to a reptile's environment.
Komodo Wooden Hide
Komodo Wooden HideNatural hidePrices from£4.50
Perfect for providing shelter and security to multiple species of exotic pets.
Lucky Reptile Corkscrew Liana
Lucky Reptile Corkscrew LianaNatural rootPrices from£13.49
Lianas are attractive corkscrew like pieces of natural wood, they are thick, strong and long lasting and their twisted appearance looks great in jungle set ups. As these are natural products individual shapes and sizes will vary between pieces.
Lucky Reptile Natures Treasure
Lucky Reptile Natures TreasureNatural vivarium decorationPrices from£14.39
Motley mix of natural vivarium decoration including, seed pods, nut shells and wooden leaves.
ProRep Bamboo Root Jungle Gym
ProRep Bamboo Root Jungle GymFor climbing and basking Prices from£12.79
These work perfectly in vivariums where you want to provide additional climbing or basking points.
ProRep Cork Bark Flat Pieces
ProRep Cork Bark Flat PiecesNatural CorkPrices from£2.39
Flat cork bark comes in many shapes and sizes. It is lightweight and highly decorative; it gives the vivarium a very natural look.
ProRep Cork Bark Tubes
ProRep Cork Bark TubesNatural CorkPrices from£5.59
Cork bark tubes comes in many shapes and sizes. It is lightweight and highly decorative; it gives the vivarium a very natural look.
ProRep Cork Oak Branch
ProRep Cork Oak BranchFor climbing enrichmentPrices from£7.19
Great for larger vivaria and arboreal enclosures such as reptibreeze. These solid branches can be leaned or fixed at varying angles to provide additional climbing support for your reptiles.
ProRep Wooden Hide Desert
ProRep Wooden Hide DesertNatural hidePrices from£5.99
This hollowed out half log with the bark removed for a sandy desert apearance is ideal for desert set ups, providing a natural hide and basking ares for your reptile.
ProRep Wooden Hide Natural
ProRep Wooden Hide NaturalNatural hidePrices from£5.99
This hollowed out half log with natural bark in tact are ideal for a natural forest set up, providing a natural hide and basking area for your reptile.
Zoo Med Habba Hut
Zoo Med Habba HutNatural hidePrices from£4.79
Habba huts are an affordable way of providing retreat for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates that like to hide away.

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