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LED lighting for sale

LED lighting is something quite new to the reptile industry and is already gaining huge popularity with bio-active enthusiasts. We expect to see many new and exciting products over the next few years.

Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar
Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED BarFor plant growthPrices from£39.99
The Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn-LED Bar is sleek, bold, powerful, able to deliver the energy needed to allow plants to grow, and to cause active basking in Arid species by increasing visible light levels in terraria and vivaria.
Reptile Systems New Dawn Compact
Reptile Systems New Dawn CompactFor plant growthPrices from£31.99
Essential equipment for bio-active terrariums where the aim is to grow and maintain live plants.
Reptile Systems New Dawn Flood
Reptile Systems New Dawn FloodFor plant growthPrices from£32.99
Perfect for large bio-active terrariums where the aim is to grow and maintain numbers of live plants.
Reptile Systems New Dawn T5
Reptile Systems New Dawn T5For plant growthPrices from£35.39
Grow and maintain live plants by placing the full spectrum lamp inside or above bio-active terrariums.
Reptile Systems Proten LED New Dawn
Reptile Systems Proten LED New DawnFor plant growth and floweringPrices from£65.19
True 6500 Kelvin LED light source. High light levels and at the correct wavelengths for powerful plant growth.
White Python LED Lighting Kit
White Python LED Lighting KitModular lighting systemPrices from£23.39
Ideally suited to many species of reptile, including leopard geckos, corn snakes and royal pythons.
White Python LED Lighting Strip
White Python LED Lighting StripModular lighting systemPrices from£9.39
The perfect way of extending your existing White Python LED lighting kit.