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Exotic Pets Essentials Boa Kit

Exotic Pets Essentials Boa Kit
Quality guaranteed

Ideal for Boa Constrictor enthusiasts looking to keep their first reptile, and for experienced keepers wanting a new pet.

Exotic Pets Essentials Boa Kit - Oak Vivarium and Contents
On Site (1-4 working days)
Oak Vivarium and Contents
Earn 2749 PetPoints

Exotic Pets Essentials Boa Kit - Grey Vivarium and Contents
On Site (1-4 working days)
Grey Vivarium and Contents
Earn 25000 PetPoints

Exotic Pets Essentials Boa Kit - Black Vivarium and Contents
On Site (1-4 working days)
Black Vivarium and Contents
Earn 2749 PetPoints

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What’s in our Essentials Boa Kit and why?

In the wild Boa constrictors are found from Argentina to Northern Mexico, they are both terrestrial and arboreal and found in a wide variety of habitats ranging from sea level to moderate elevation, including deserts, wet tropical forests, open savannas and cultivated fields. We are firm believers that adults will ultimately require a lot of space, so they are not a species to buy without considering the long term housing. Our Essentials Boa Kit will provide a good starting point for young Boas up to Sub Adult (depending on your species adult size) The kit includes a spacious 120cm x 60cm x 60cm Vivarium in a range of colours; allowing for more freedom of movement, greater range for thermoregulation and more space to add plenty of natural décor to enhance vital environmental enrichment. As with all our wooden vivarium kits, we supply a reptile safe sealant as standard to protect your setup from water damage and make it last.

With all larger heavy bodied snakes, we recommend using dual heating. All essential heating and lighting equipment such as a ceramic heat bulb and basking bulb, with holders and easy install brackets are included. We provide peace of mind with two top of the line, Pulse & Dimming Thermostats to control your temperatures. Connected to your ceramic bulb fittings, they enable you to replicate the temperatures from their native African habitat. With basking temperatures of around 34°C recommended, we include a digital thermometer and bulb guards to protect your snake from coming into direct contact with the heat source.

UVB lighting is essential towards the health and well-being of all reptiles. Through extensive research and trials we are confident in saying that snakes not only benefit from having access to UVB, but actively utilise it. Included is a market leading T5 lighting kit at the optimum spectrum for your snake. This is an all in one, plug and play unit which has a built in reflector to optimise the output of UVB and a guard to protect the reptile. We recommend placing the tube on the same side as your heat source, creating a warm ‘sunny’ area for the animal to bask under. Replacing your tube at a maximum of every 12 months will ensure the correct UVB index is being met throughout the lifespan of the snake. The lighting is recommended to be on for 12 hours during the day, so we suggest using the included timer to switch off at night, allowing for a natural night time routine.

We highly recommend using a water conditioner to neutralise the chemicals in tap water and add beneficial electrolytes for your snake. They do on occasion seem to enjoy bathing in the water dish, our kit includes a natural rock effect bowl large enough to facilitate this.

Boas are fairly bold, making them an excellent display animal. A natural looking habitat is not only aesthetically pleasing but it provides enrichment for your snake, encouraging instinctual behaviour. Included with your Essentials Kit is natural Cork Bark, this is perfect for creating a safe hiding area and realistic artificial plants add to the natural look.  The Essentials kit includes a species specific substrate, plus a reptile safe disinfectant for keeping the environment clean and smelling fresh.

Essentials Kit contents:

  • Wooden Vivarium - 120x 60x 60cm (48” x 24” x 24”) Perfect for up to SUB adult Boas/Burmese/Reticulated need much larger long term
  • 6% T5 UVB - Recent studies show that snakes benefit hugely both mentally and physically from having access to UVB
  • Guard for UVB - Protects your snake from climbing too close on the UVB
  • Dimming Thermostat - Ensuring your Spot bulb is reaching the correct basking temperature year round
  • Spot Bulb - Provides a basking area at one end, allowing the reptile to thermoregulate its body temperature
  • Pulse Thermostat - Ensuring your Ceramic bulb is reaching the correct basking temperature year round
  • Ceramic Bulb - Provides a basking area at one end, allowing the reptile to thermoregulate its body temperature
  • Ceramic ES Fittings - High temperature heat proof, easy fit to hold the heat bulbs securely
  • Bulb Guards - Protects your snake (and your hands) from accidental burns
  • 24hr Timer - To regulate the daylight hours within your enclosure
  • Digital Thermometer - The most accurate method of checking the temperature within the vivarium
  • Water Bowl - Natural rock effect to match the environment
  • Substrate - Adjusted to best suit your species, this provides a natural environment for your snake
  • Cork Bark - Provide natural looking safe hiding place
  • Realistic artificial Plants - Adds to the natural look of the habitat
  • Reptisafe - Makes tap water safe
  • Disinfectant - Reptile safe, perfect for deep cleaning and deodorising
  • Reptile safe vivarium sealant - This will ensure your vivarium is protected
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