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BraPlast Plastic Box

BraPlast Plastic Box
For hatchling reptiles and inverts

Arguably, the most versatile and inexpensive housing available for keeping exotic pets. BraPlast tubs can be used for a multitude of different applications, including, rearing hatchling reptiles (geckos and snakes) and housing invertebrates (tarantulas).

  • Ideal for transport, breeding and feeding
  • Perfect as a temporary quarantine zone
  • Plastic and easy to clean
  • Lid opens in two parts and ventilated in each corner (does not apply to LARGE sized box)
  • Easy to stack
  • Inexpensive housing

BraPlast Plastic Box - Medium 3.0L (24 x 7 x 18cm)
On Site (1-4 working days)
Medium 3.0L (24 x 7 x 18cm)
Earn 8 PetPoints

BraPlast Plastic Box - Large 5.8L (18 x 18 x 19cm)
On Site (1-4 working days)
Large 5.8L (18 x 18 x 19cm)
Earn 12 PetPoints

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What are BraPlast Plastic Boxes used for?

We have found these boxes especially useful for housing large numbers of baby corn snakes, hatchling leopard geckos and tarantulas during breeding efforts. These boxes won't be appropriate for every species and are not designed for long-term housing; except for some invertebrates.

Other uses include. Quarantining new or sick animals, feeding boxes for young snakes and transport containers (when shipping live animals with couriers).

Additional information

BraPlast tubs are made from a translucent polypropylene plastic.

The small and medium sizes are supplied with small ventilation holes, which don’t get covered when the boxes are stacked. They also offer a hinged lid, which is especially useful when feeding larger numbers of animals and you want to get through them quickly. These sizes also work with several of the hatchling reptile racks on the market.

The large size we have found to be perfect for the housing and breeding of many invertebrate species, but please note, that they do need to be carefully ventilated using a rimming tool or power drill. 

Not suitable for small spiderlings unless the ventilation holes are somehow plugged. Instead, try our own rearing tubs.

Do your research
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