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Verm-X for Reptiles

Verm-X for Reptiles
Powder supplement

Effective formula for combating intestinal health problems with captive reptiles. Can be applied directly to food.

  • For targeting intestinal challenges
  • Promotes general health and wellbeing in captive reptiles
  • Easy to feed and offer
  • Palatable product
  • Apply by dusting for three consecutive days
  • Sticks well to insects and vegetation

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What is Verm-X for Reptiles used for?

A formulation of ten specially chosen herbs to create a 100% natural, palatable and easy to use product which offers effective support for intestinal health during periods of challenge.

Additional information

We have found this product to be effective with recently acquired, wild caught lizards, that are being acclimatised into captivity. Internal parasites can be a problem in this situation, normally induced by stress. Offering a natural and palatable product, does appear to give them a boost and we’ve seen good results since doing this, to the point where we now do it routinely.

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