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Scorpions for sale

Large pincers and a nasty looking telson make most people fear scorpions at first sight. With research, these misunderstood creatures become a safe and interesting prospect for the hobbyist to keep.

Blue Forest Scorpion
Blue Forest ScorpionHeterometrus cyaneusPrices from£19.95
Found in tropical regions of Borneo, the Philippines and Indonesia. They reach maximum lengths of 15cm.
Laos Forest Scorpion
Laos Forest ScorpionHeterometrus laoticusPrices from£13.95
Found in humid regions of Vietnam and Laos. They reach maximum lengths of 12cm.
Yellow Devil Scorpion
Yellow Devil ScorpionVaejovis confususPrices from£14.95
A small sized scorpion found in dry regions of Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico.

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