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Exotic Pets Premium Tree Frog Kit

Exotic Pets Premium Tree Frog Kit
All-in-one starter kit

The best products available on the market, rolled into a comprehensive all-in-one starter kit package for tree frogs.

  • Suitable for a wide range of frog species
  • Spacious glass terrarium
  • Multi-functional lighting hood
  • Allows different bulb combinations

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Why choose an Exotic Pets Premium Tree Frog Kit?

Many people who are thinking of keeping tree frogs for the first time, are often confused by all of the different equipment involved. To help with this, we've designed several all-in-one starter kits to keep animal husbandry simple while you learn.

Many of the tree frog kits on the market, lack important essentials. This kit have been put together by our team of experienced keepers who actually use these products on a daily basis.

The Exotic Pets Premium Tree Frog Kit is suitable for a wide range of species including; American Green, Whites and the popular Red Eye Tree Frogs. Like with all animals, it is important that you independently research each species you are interested in keeping. If you are unsure if this kit is suitable for you and your pet then please contact us.

Please see below for the list of items contained in all of our starter kit options;

  • Exo Terra Glass Terrarrium Small/Tall (45 x 45 x 60cm)
  • Zoo Med ReptiSun LED/UVB Hood 35cm
  • Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome COMBO 2-pack
  • Arcadia Basking Solar Flood 50w
  • Exo Terra Night Heat Lamp 50w
  • Exo Terra Thermometer/Hygrometer Digital
  • Sample packs of Calcium, Vitamin Supplements and Water Conditioner

The benefits of our all-in-one starter kits

A lot of the manufactures kits available today are based all around their own branded products. Although many of them offer excellent value for the money, they do not have the freedom in offering the best tried and tested products available as an all-in-one solution.

We have chosen the Exo Terra Glass Terrariums as they are multi-functional and are perfect for any species that require higher humidity (glass does not rot, unlike wood). The double doors allow easy access and ventilated top and front allow a good airflow. 

Zoo Med ReptiSun LED/UVB Hoods haven't been on the market long but we are huge fans of this product. These hoods allow you to provide good light with the LEDs (essential for bio-active terrariums and plant growth) and also utilise modern T5 UVB lighting. 

Zoo Med Mini Deep Domes allow different bulb combinations to be placed over the mesh of the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium. The idea here is to use the daytime bulb as a basking spot during the day, and to just leave the night heat lamp on after dark to maintain a low overnight temperature and of course to view your animals. You may need to change bulb wattages to suit your household (this is not something we can predict as it does depend where you tank is situated). Connecting your equipment to a thermostat does help in this case as it gives you a greater control.

A good quality thermometer/hygrometer is essential for monitoring your pets environment and to ensure you are meeting its basic husbandry requirements.

Calcum and Vitamin Supplements are essential for every exotic pet and often forgotten in kits. Amphibians also require you to treat any tap water with a Water Conditioner to make it safe for use. We will include a sample pack free of each of these to get you started.

Recommended products

Is a thermostat essential? Thermostats are considered a must by most experienced keepers. The benefits of precise temperature control and multi time zone settings are obvious. The risks of not using thermostats with vivaria is well published. There are many different thermostats now on the market and if you need further guidance in which would be best for you and your pet then please contact us.

When keeping tree frog species you need to maintain a level of humidity, the easiest way of doing this is to use a hand or pressure sprayer. We haven't included one in our all-in-one kits as many exotic pet keepers already have one or may prefer to use a rain system.

Additional options

We all have our own ideas on how we might want to decorate our vivariums. New keepers may prefer to choose our Artifical Décor Kit and keep maintenance to a minimum. More experienced keepers could opt for a Bio-Active Kit and get creative. With this in mind we have created three options for our customers to choose; Equipment Only, Artifical Décor and Bio-Active. 

Artificial Décor Kit

Please see below for the list of additional items contained in this kit;

  • ProRep Coco Brick 650g
  • ProRep Live Moss 1.5L
  • Zoo Med Natural Bush Hanging Plants Large (x3)
  • ProRep Cork Bark Flat Medium
  • ProRep White Acacia Branch Medium
  • ProRep Cork Oak Branch
  • ProRep Terrarium Bowl Wood Large

Bio Active Kit

 Please see below for the list of additional items contained in this kit;

  • ProRep Bio Life Drainage Medium, 10 litre
  • ProRep Bio Life Forest Substrate, 10 Litre
  • Zoo Med Terrarium Substrate Mesh 46x46cm
  • Live Plants x5 (Assorted)
  • ProRep Cork Bark Flat Medium
  • ProRep White Acacia Branch Medium
  • ProRep Cork Oak Branch
  • ProRep Terrarium Bowl Wood Large 
Do your research
Before you commit to buying any pet, please do your own independent research.