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Amphibians for sale

We stock a large range of frogs, toads, newts and salamanders catering for both beginner and the more experienced. Please read our care sheets carefully and take time to absorb all the information.

African Bullfrog
African BullfrogPyxicephalus adspersusPrices from£150.00
The African Bullfrog is one of the biggest frogs in the world, they are large and robust with weights recorded up to one kilogram!
Amazon Milk Frog
Amazon Milk FrogPhrynohyas resinifictrixPrices from£59.95
The Amazon Milk Frog is a fairly larger tree frog reaching a size of 2 to 4 inches. They are native to humid rainforests of South America.
American Green Tree Frog
American Green Tree FrogHyla cinereaPrices from£32.50
American Green Tree Frogs are typically green in colour with a lateral cream stripe that runs down their body. These are ideal for beginners as long as plenty of plants are placed throughout the terrarium.
Asian Spiny Toad
Asian Spiny ToadDuttaphrynus melanostictusPrices from£25.00
Don’t be fooled by their lack of colour; this species is both interesting and easy to care for. Also known as the Asian Black Toad.
Blue Poison Dart Frog
Blue Poison Dart FrogDendrobates tinctorius azureusPrices from£125.00
This is a large species of dart frog with adults reaching sizes of up to 5-6cm. Native to southern Suriname and is found in the Sipaliwini Savanna.
Borneo Eared Tree Frog
Borneo Eared Tree FrogPolypedates otilophusPrices from£85.00
A medium to large sized frog reaching lengths of up to 9.5cm with a triangular shaped head. General dorsal colouration is brown to yellow along with cream to white ventrally. Numerous thin black stripes run down the back from the head.
Bubble Running Frog
Bubble Running FrogKassina senegalensisPrices from£39.95
Running Frogs are from the Savanna area of Tropical Zone Africa.
Burmese Chubby Frog
Burmese Chubby FrogCalluella guttulataPrices from£25.00
The Burmese Chubby Frog is a small species that reaches an adult size of 5cm. They can be found in Southeast Asia living in burrows and within leaf litter.
Cane Toad
Cane ToadRhinella marinaPrices from£39.95
The Cane Toad also known as the Marine Toad is a huge terrestrial true toad which is native to Central and South America. It has been introduced into other non native countries and has caused big problems to native wildlife.
Chubby Frog
Chubby FrogKaloula pulchraPrices from£28.95
The Asian Painted Bullfrog are also known as Chubby Frog within the pet trade. These are an hardy medium sized species that are ideal for beginners.
Colorado River Toad
Colorado River ToadBufo alvariusPrices from£385.00
The Colorado River Toad is the largest native species of toad in Northern America. They are also known as Sonoran Desert Toads and rarely available for sale in the UK.
Cranwell's Horned Frog
Cranwell's Horned FrogCeratophrys cranwelliPrices from£39.95
Also, known commonly as Pacman, Argentinian and Chacoan horned frogs. These voracious feeders will attempt to swallow anything that moves close to their mouth.
Cuban Tree Frog
Cuban Tree FrogOsteopilus septentrionalisPrices from£39.95
Cuban Tree Frogs are the largest tree frog in North America, reaching an adult size of 15cm (6 inches). They adapt very well to captive life and make great beginners Tree Frogs!
European Green Tree Frog
European Green Tree FrogHyla arboreaPrices from£37.50
European Green Tree Frog are green in colour with a dark lateral stripe that runs from the nose down to the groin area. These are very hardy to keep in captivity requiring lower temperatures compared to other tree frog species.
Fire Bellied Toad
Fire Bellied ToadBombina orientalisPrices from£27.50
The Fire Bellied Toad used to be one of the most widely kept species of toad, now they are less common. Being easy to keep and maintain makes them great for beginners and they are always entertaining to watch.
Golden Mantella
Golden MantellaMantella aurantiacaPrices from£71.95
The Golden Mantella is a small terrestrial frog endemic to the swamp forests in East-Central Madagascar. They are generally a bright orange colour but may also be yellow or red.
Golden Poison Dart Frog
Golden Poison Dart FrogPhyllobates terribilisPrices from£74.95
The largest species of Dart frog, their stunning metallic yellow colouration and bold attitude makes these frogs a must for anyone looking to create a rainforest terrarium.
Golden Tree Frog
Golden Tree FrogPolypedates leucomystaxPrices from£47.95
The Golden Tree Frog is from South East Asia, ranging from the Himalayas to Southern China, Java, Kalimantan, the Philippines and India.
Grey Tree Frog
Grey Tree FrogHyla versicolorPrices from£25.00
The Grey Tree Frog is a suitable beginner species due to their tolerance of variable temperatures. They are small in size and easy to keep and maintain.
Moroccan Green Toad
Moroccan Green ToadBarbarophryne brongersmaiPrices from£19.95
Also known as the Brongersma’s toad, this small species would make a great addition to any serious amphibian collection.
Pied Warty Frog
Pied Warty FrogTheloderma aspernumPrices from£95.00
The Pied Warty Frog is the smallest of the genus, reaching no more than 3cm. These are mainly collected from Vietnam and are also known as Bird Poop Frog.
Red Eyed Tree Frog
Red Eyed Tree FrogAgalychnis callidryasPrices from£71.95
Red Eyed Tree Frogs are one of the most sought after species due to their bright colours and stunning red eyes.
Sharp Ribbed Newt
Sharp Ribbed NewtPleurodeles waltlPrices from£35.00
Much like Tylototriton species, Sharp Ribbed Newts can protect themselves against predation with their sharp protruding rib ends. They’re also the largest European species of salamander.
Southern Toad
Southern ToadBufo terrestrisPrices from£59.95
The Southern Toad reaches an adult size of 4 to 9cm, females being the largest. They inhabit sandy areas, marshes, and mixed hardwood swamps in South America.
Splashback Poison Dart Frog
Splashback Poison Dart FrogAdelphobates galactonotusPrices from£140.00
The Splashback Dart Frog varies in colour depending on its location, from pale blue, yellow, orange to red. This colour can cover all of their back and back legs.
Variable Reed Frog
Variable Reed FrogHyperolius viridiflavusPrices from£35.00
The Variable Reed Frog is just that; each subspecies varies depending on the location found. All have a few distinctive features including excess webbing and living in savannah areas.
Whites Tree Frog
Whites Tree FrogLitoria caeruleaPrices from£95.00
The is the best tree frog to keep if you are a beginner or wanting a new species to add to your collection. With their round, plump bodies and big appetites, these will keep you amused.
Yellow Bellied Toad
Yellow Bellied ToadBombina variegataPrices from£24.50
The Yellow Bellied Toad grows to an adult size of 1-2 inches. They are a small, plump toad with a dark warty back and a yellow to orange belly.

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