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Bromelia sp.

Great for tropical terrariums, used by many species to hide amongst. Retain water in their vase-like leaves, Dart Frogs often use these to deposit their eggs and rear tadpoles.

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What do Bromeliads look like?

This is a hugely diverse range of plants containing 3700 known species. They are mostly herbaceous perennials and commonly have long thin spear-like leaves. They are found growing on the ground and epiphytically growing in cracks on trees and other plants. The absence of having a large root system means that the majority of the bromeliad species are shaped like a leaf vase, allowing them to accumulate water and retain it. They have a huge spectrum of colourful flowers, varying between the species.

Where are Bromeliads from?

Native mainly to tropical Americas in rainforest areas.

How to care for Bromeliads

These plants originate from a hot and humid tropical rainforest environment. They require good substrate drainage and most prefer a slightly more shaded area within the enclosure, as exposure to too much light can scorch the leaves. They are quite sensitive to the chemicals in tap water so are best watered directly into the leaves (rather than wetting the soil) using either collected rain water, bottled or treated tap water. They can be fed using a terrarium safe biofertiliser liquid made with Superworm Frass. Use a full spectrum plant growth LED to aid colour and growth.

The benefits of using Bromeliads

  • Some species are edible for reptiles (research specific plants).
  • Reptile and amphibian safe.
  • Excellent water retention, provides natural ‘cups’ of water around the enclosure.
  • Provides hiding and egg laying areas within the terrarium.
  • Perfect for tropical bioactive setups.
  • Increases oxygen and reduces CO2 throughout the day.
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain.

Please note: Live plants will naturally vary in size and all sizes are approximate. Photos displaying multiple different colours are an example of the variety we stock, we will send random colours based upon availability.

Do your research
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