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Exotic Pets products for sale

Some of our own branded products which represent good quality and value for money.

Exotic Pets Aspen Bedding
Exotic Pets Aspen BeddingFor snakes and small mammalsPrices from£2.79
Aspen Bedding is a natural, biodegradable and sustainable substrate. The wood particles are produced by shredding and heat treating fast growing aspen trees. Ideal for species that nest or burrow.
Exotic Pets Bark Chips
Exotic Pets Bark ChipsIdeal for tropical speciesPrices from£2.79
Bark chips are a natural, biodegradable substrate. Harvested from sustainable commercial forests throughout the UK and Europe. Ideal for species that require higher humidity due to its moisture retaining properties.
Exotic Pets Beech Chips
Exotic Pets Beech ChipsFor larger reptiles, birds and mammalsPrices from£2.79
Beech chips are produced from kiln-dried wood harvested from sustainable forests and are more suited to animals that prefer a drier environment.
Exotic Pets Coco Para Leaf
Exotic Pets Coco Para LeafNatural decor for your terrariumPrices from£1.39
A large decorative and aesthetically pleasing piece of decor perfect for use on the terrarium floor.
Exotic Pets Elephant Ear Seed Pods
Exotic Pets Elephant Ear Seed PodsNatural decor for your terrariumPrices from£0.79
Fantastic decorative pieces. There unique size and shape allow climbing opportunities for smaller terrarium species and if positioned correctly, can be used as a natural hides.
Exotic Pets Essentials Bearded Dragon Kit
Exotic Pets Essentials Bearded Dragon KitQuality guaranteedPrices from£499.99
Ideal for Bearded Dragon enthusiasts looking to keep their first reptile, and for experienced keepers wanting a new pet.
Exotic Pets Gift Card
Exotic Pets Gift CardThe perfect present Prices from£10.00
The Exotic Pets Gift Voucher is perfect for friends or family who keep, or are interested in exotic pets.
Exotic Pets Jacaranda Pods
Exotic Pets Jacaranda PodsNatural decor for your terrariumPrices from£0.99
Small decorative pieces that are perfect for use on the terrarium floor.
Exotic Pets Jelly Pots
Exotic Pets Jelly PotsFor reptiles and invertebratesPrices from£3.59
Our jelly pots are a high protein pet food perfect for maintaining and rearing beetles, ants and many other pet invertebrates. They can also be used as a complimentary food treat for geckos, anoles and other fruit loving reptiles.
Exotic Pets Lignocel Bedding
Exotic Pets Lignocel BeddingFor snakes and small mammalsPrices from£3.19
Lignocel bedding is a direct alternative to aspen and ideal for animals that prefer drier environments. Produced from wood sourced from sustainable forests, heat treated and then shredded. Ideal for species that nest or burrow.
Exotic Pets Moss Peat
Exotic Pets Moss PeatIdeal for tropical speciesPrices from£3.19
A natural, sustainable substrate that can be used with many subtropical and tropical species of exotic pet. Perfect for growing plants in bio-active terraria.
Exotic Pets Plastic Feeding Tweezers
Exotic Pets Plastic Feeding TweezersFor hand feeding or spot cleaningPrices from£1.29
An essential, practical and versatile tool used by most exotic pet keepers for feeding, handling and spot cleaning.
Exotic Pets Premium Tortoise Kit
Exotic Pets Premium Tortoise KitBuy the best for your reptilePrices from£76.99
A spacious and aesthetically pleasing tortoise starter kit that will look perfect in any home.
Exotic Pets Vermiculite
Exotic Pets VermiculiteFor reptile egg incubationPrices from£2.55
A natural and inert product that will not decay or go mouldy. Vermiculite retains moisture over long periods of time, making it perfect for reptile egg incubation. It has been used successfully for decades by breeders worldwide.
Fruit Fly Cultures
Fruit Fly CulturesDrosophila sp.Prices from£2.99
Flightless fruit fly cultures are an ideal livefood for small captive amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates.
Spiderling Pots
Spiderling PotsFor spiderlingsPrices from£8.00
Once 35mm film canisters became obsolete, tarantula enthusiasts sought after new ways of managing their young spiderlings. Our sling pots are one of the most widely used on the market and are suitable for many different species.
Square Container with Flip Lid
Square Container with Flip LidFor spiderlingsPrices from£1.39
A small robust stackable and pre-ventilated square container with a secure flip top lid. Ideal for housing predatory inverts such as spiderlings and scorplings that do not require a large arboreal area.

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