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UV Tubes and Starters
ProRep Basking Spotlamp (Clear basking bulbs)
ProRep Basking SpotlampClear basking bulbsPrices from£2.79
The ProRep Basking Spotlamp is ideal for providing a basking area in your exotic pets enclosure.
Exo Terra Barrel Cactus (Desert plants)
Exo Terra Barrel CactusDesert plantsPrices from£5.27
If you're looking to create a natural look but don't want the maintanence of live plants.
Exotic Pets African Land Snail Starter Kit (Complete Setup)
Exotic Pets African Land Snail Starter KitComplete SetupPrices from£35.99
This kit includes everything you need to start out in keeping African Land Snails.
Exo Terra Waterfall (Running water for your exotic pet)
Exo Terra WaterfallRunning water for your exotic petPrices from£34.31
The new pebble design of the Exo Terra Waterfall brings the natural look of a small, cascading stream into your living room.
Lucky Reptile Testudo Mix (Natural dried diet)
Lucky Reptile Testudo MixNatural dried dietPrices from£4.50
Similar to the Lucky Reptile Tortoise Mix but aimed more at European species of tortoise with the addition of dried flowers and various vegetables.
Lucky Reptile Turtle Mix ODO (Complete diet)
Lucky Reptile Turtle Mix ODOComplete dietPrices from£3.19
Lucky Reptile Turtle Mix ODO comes in pellet food sizes suitable for both baby and adult turtles.

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