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Fire Bellied Toad (Bombina orientalis)
Fire Bellied ToadBombina orientalisPrices from£15.00
The Fire Bellied Toad is one of the most widely kept species of toad. Easy to keep and maintain makes them a great beginners amphibian.
Green & Black Poison Dart Frogs (Dendrobates auratus)
Green & Black Poison Dart FrogsDendrobates auratusPrices from£65.00
This is a popular species of arrow frog amongst hobbyists. It is found in Central America and northwestern parts of South America. There are many different colour forms available.
Razorback Musk Turtle (Sternotherus carinatus)
Razorback Musk TurtleSternotherus carinatusPrices from£44.95
Razorback Musk Turtles are almost entirely aquatic found in dense plants and slow moving waters. They have a distinctive sharp keel down the center of their shell, giving them their common name.
Skeleton Tarantula (Ephebopus murinus)
Skeleton TarantulaEphebopus murinusPrices from£12.00
These spiders are truly amazing. They have some very unusual characteristics for a terrestrial spider such as very long front legs and they actually kick hairs from their pedipalps.
Grey Tree Frog (Hyla versicolor)
Grey Tree FrogHyla versicolorPrices from£14.95
The Grey Tree Frog is a suitable beginner species due to their tolerance of variable temperatures. They are small in size and easy to keep and maintain.
Giant Spiny Stick Insect (Eurycantha calcarata)
Giant Spiny Stick InsectEurycantha calcarataPrices from£3.50
A large species of stick insect with some unusual characteristics; also known as the New Guinea Giant Spiny Stick Insect.

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Special Offers

Microclimate EVO LITE Digital Thermostat (For any heat source)
Microclimate EVO LITE Digital ThermostatFor any heat sourcePrices from£55.49
A single channel, touch screen, fully customisable thermostat which can be used as dimming, pulse or on/off. Available in a wide range of funky new colours.
ProRep Hand Sprayer (500ml)
ProRep Hand Sprayer500mlPrices from£1.49
One of the most important tools in helping maintain humidity are hand sprayers, these are especially useful for amphibians and invertebrate keepers.
Vivexotic Repti-View (Snake and lizard vivarium)
Vivexotic Repti-ViewSnake and lizard vivariumPrices from£97.29
Repti-View has been designed with the best interests of owner and pet in mind with its great features and glass panelled sides and lid, providing you with panoramic views of your reptile and their home.
Zoo Med Bugarium Insect Habitat Kit (Complete setup)
Zoo Med Bugarium Insect Habitat KitComplete setupPrices from£21.59
A simple setup to get you started in the world of invertebrate keeping.
Microclimate EVO Digital Thermostat (Controls temperature in enclosure)
Microclimate EVO Digital ThermostatControls temperature in enclosurePrices from£70.49
This is a ground breaking new digital thermostat with a touch screen and two main outputs. Can be used for almost any vivarium situation and has the added benefit of setting time zones.
Exotic Pets Plastic Feeding Tweezers (For hand feeding or spot cleaning)
Exotic Pets Plastic Feeding TweezersFor hand feeding or spot cleaningPrices from£1.00
An essential, practical and versatile tool used by most exotic pet keepers for feeding, handling and spot cleaning.

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Blue Bug Metal Keyrings (Realistic animal designs)
Blue Bug Metal KeyringsRealistic animal designsPrices from£2.25
Hang your keys on something stylish and more appropriate to you.
ProRep Christmas Cards (Festive gifts)
ProRep Christmas CardsFestive giftsPrices from£2.50
Fun and festive cards for exotic pet enthusiasts.
Blue Bug Felt Christmas Ornaments (Festive decoration)
Blue Bug Felt Christmas OrnamentsFestive decorationPrices from£4.50
Make your tree a little more exotic this Christmas.
Blue Bug Mood Keyrings (Realistic animal designs)
Blue Bug Mood KeyringsRealistic animal designsPrices from£2.85
Similar to the metal keyring range but change colour depending on ambient temperatures.
Blue Bug Magnetic Bookmark (Gift ideas)
Blue Bug Magnetic BookmarkGift ideasPrices from£2.00
Flat magnetic bookmark featuring reptile design.
WildPet TV (DVD care on exotic pets)
WildPet TVDVD care on exotic petsPrices from£5.00
A great introduction into the world of exotic pet keeping with Della Golding in the WildPet TV series. These step by step guides help ensure a better life for both the keeper and the kept.

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