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African Giant Black Millipedes (Archispirostreptus gigas)
African Giant Black MillipedesArchispirostreptus gigasPrices from£0.00
Their large size, tolerance and forgiveness to minor husbandry errors, makes this species perfect for novice keepers. Also known as Giant Train Millipedes.
Brazilian Black and White (Nhandu coloratovillosus)
Brazilian Black and WhiteNhandu coloratovillosusPrices from£0.00
This species is said to be found in grasslands on the Brazil border. Like most Nhandu they have an almost fluffy appearance.
Giant Fire Millipedes (Pelmatojulus excisus)
Giant Fire MillipedesPelmatojulus excisusPrices from£0.00
As the name suggests, this is a beautiful species of millipede that is both easy to keep and breed. A must for any serious invertebrate collection.
Amber Millipedes (Pelmatojulus ligulatus)
Amber MillipedesPelmatojulus ligulatusPrices from£12.00
Also commonly known as tiger millipedes, this species is large and similar in appearance and size, to that of Pelmatojulus excisus.
Zompros Stick Insect (Parapachymorpha zomproi)
Zompros Stick InsectParapachymorpha zomproiPrices from£4.00
The Zompro's Stick Insects is a medium to large insect reaching up to 9cm. They are slender and have a bark-like texture that becomes more pronounced as the insect matures.
Thorny Stick Insect (Aretaon asperrimus)
Thorny Stick InsectAretaon asperrimusPrices from£4.00
Thorny Stick Insects may also be known as Spiny Sabah Stick Insect. Although they have spikes, these are harmless and are not used for defence.
Sunny Stick Insects (Sungaya inexpectata)
Sunny Stick InsectsSungaya inexpectataPrices from£3.50
Sunny Stick Insects are an easy species to keep feeding on a range of plants including Bramble, Hawthorn and Ivy. There are both males and females within this species but females are pathogenic too, therefore, all eggs are fertile.
Pink Winged Stick Insect (Sipyloidea sipylus)
Pink Winged Stick InsectSipyloidea sipylusPrices from£4.00
The Pink Winged Stick Insect is a parthenogenetic species that reaches an adult size of 8 to 10cm. As the name would suggest, adults have pick to white coloured wings. Feed on bramble.
African Land Snails (Various)
African Land SnailsVariousPrices from£15.00
African Land Snails are a giant species of snail from East Africa. They are one of the easiest pets to look after and are cheap to maintain, their slow movement and robust bodies make them a perfect pet for children to watch and are easy to handle.

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