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Curly Hair (Wild Type) (Brachypelma albopilosum)
Curly Hair (Wild Type)Brachypelma albopilosumPrices from£5.00
Still one of the best beginner species of tarantula. These spiderlings have come from wild caught parents in Nicaragua so no risk of hybrids.
Water Dragon (Physignathus cocincinus)
Water DragonPhysignathus cocincinusPrices from£29.95
Water Dragons like to relax by lying on branches above water. They require a large enclosure with a nice sized water area.
Togo Starburst Baboon (Heteroscodra maculata)
Togo Starburst BaboonHeteroscodra maculataPrices from£15.95
The Togo Starburst Baboon is a fast arboreal species from West African found in Ghana, Togo and Cameroon. They reach an adult leg span of 4 to 5 inches.
Alpine Newt (Ichthyosaura alpestris alpestris)
Alpine NewtIchthyosaura alpestris alpestrisPrices from£9.95
The Alpine Newt is one of the larger species within this family reaching a length of 10-12cm, males are smaller. Females are drab looking whereas males are brightly coloured during courtship.
Skeleton Tarantula (Ephebopus murinus)
Skeleton TarantulaEphebopus murinusPrices from£15.00
These spiders are truly amazing. They have some very unusual characteristics for a terrestrial spider such as very long front legs and they actually kick hairs from their pedipalps.
Lavender Earth Tiger (Chilobrachys sp.
Lavender Earth TigerChilobrachys sp. "Nong ya Plong"Prices from£8.00
A fairly new and undescribed Chilobrachys species from Thailand.
Mourning Gecko (Lepidodactylus lugubris)
Mourning GeckoLepidodactylus lugubrisPrices from£19.95
The Mourning Gecko is a small nocturnal species of gecko reaching no more than 10cm in total length. These are a very widespread species but the most interesting fact about them is that they are parthenogenic.
Stripe Knee Tarantula (Aphonopelma seemanni)
Stripe Knee TarantulaAphonopelma seemanniPrices from£29.95
Formerly one of the most popular pet spiders in the hobby, found throughout Central America and in varying forms depending on the locality.
Olive Banded Millipede (Spirostreptus sp. 1)
Olive Banded MillipedeSpirostreptus sp. 1Prices from£6.95
A great display species and one that is easy to propagate. We believe this species may have been traded as the Burmese Millipede previously.

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Special Offers

Natures Grub Sugar Glider Complete (100% Natural food)
Natures Grub Sugar Glider Complete100% Natural foodPrices from£9.99
Natures Grub Sugar Glider Complete is a blend of our Sugar Glider Diet Pellets & 6 varieties of dried fruit.
Exo Terra Reptile UVB 200 (High output)
Exo Terra Reptile UVB 200High outputPrices from£26.69
The Exo Terra Reptile UVB 200 Bulb is especially designed to simulate conditions for reptiles with very high UV requirements, like diurnal reptiles from desert environments.
Natures Grub Sugar Glider Insect Treat (100% Natural food)
Natures Grub Sugar Glider Insect Treat100% Natural foodPrices from£2.65
Natures Grub Sugar Glider Insect Treat is a blend of 3 Dried Insects loved by Sugar Gliders, rich in protein and natural oils
Komodo Coconut Den (Natural hide)
Komodo Coconut DenNatural hidePrices from£1.29
The most natural way of providing shelter and security within your exotic pet enclosure.
Natures Grub Bugs, Grubs and Berries (100% Natural food)
Natures Grub Bugs, Grubs and Berries100% Natural foodPrices from£7.99
Bugs, Grubs & Berries is a nutritious insectivore diet, loaded with Insects & Blueberries.

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ProRep Resin Jelly Pot Holder (Terrestrial food station)
ProRep Resin Jelly Pot HolderTerrestrial food stationPrices from£2.50
These natural looking holders are perfect for offering invertebrates or lizard species jelly pots at ground level.
WildPet TV (DVD care on exotic pets)
WildPet TVDVD care on exotic petsPrices from£1.00
A great introduction into the world of exotic pet keeping with Della Golding in the WildPet TV series. These step by step guides help ensure a better life for both the keeper and the kept.
Zoo Med Can O' Shrimp  (Shrimps in a can)
Zoo Med Can O' Shrimp Shrimps in a canPrices from£1.50
Zoo Meds new Can O' products are the latest in reptile nutrition and convenience. The full line of feeder insects are cooked in the can which locks in the flavor and freshness, while also softening the exoskeleton for easier digestion.
Verm-X for Reptiles (Powder supplement)
Verm-X for ReptilesPowder supplementPrices from£4.99
Effective formula for combating intestinal health problems with captive reptiles. Can be applied directly to food.
Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Mealworms (Canned foods)
Lucky Reptile Herp Diner MealwormsCanned foodsPrices from£2.50
Mealworms locked in a can suitable for a variety of different species.
Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Grasshoppers (Canned foods)
Lucky Reptile Herp Diner GrasshoppersCanned foodsPrices from£2.50
Grasshoppers locked in a can suitable for most larger insect eating lizards.

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