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Yemen Chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus)
Yemen ChameleonChamaeleo calyptratusPrices from£64.99
The Yemen or Veiled Chameleon as its also known, is one of the best reptiles for beginners. However this species still requires an amount of specialist care.
Ghost Praying Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa)
Ghost Praying MantisPhyllocrania paradoxaPrices from£12.00
The Ghost Praying Mantis is a madagascan praying mantis with leaf like projections on the legs and head.
Indian Stick Insect (Carausius morosus)
Indian Stick InsectCarausius morosusPrices from£3.00
The common, Indian or laboratory stick insect is a species of Phasmatodea (phasmid) that is often kept by schools and individuals as pets.
Golden Blue Leg Baboon (Harpactira pulchripes)
Golden Blue Leg BaboonHarpactira pulchripesPrices from£22.00
This is an Old World species originating from South Africa. They are excellent burrowers and heavy webbers, a must-have species for experienced hobbyists.
Cane Toad (Rhinella marina)
Cane ToadRhinella marinaPrices from£49.95
The Cane Toad also known as the Marine Toad is a huge terrestrial true toad which is native to Central and South America. It has been introduced into other non native countries and has caused big problems to native wildlife.
Mexican Tiger Rump (Davus pentaloris)
Mexican Tiger RumpDavus pentalorisPrices from£10.00
Also known as the Guatemalan Tiger Rump. This species has been confused with Cyclosternum fasciatum for many years and mislabelled by keepers.
Ackie or Ridge Tailed Monitor (Varanus acanthurus)
Ackie or Ridge Tailed MonitorVaranus acanthurusPrices from£199.99
The Ridge Tailed Monitor is also known as an Ackie Monitor within the pet trade. These are much smaller compared to other species of monitors reaching no more than two feet in total length.
African Land Snails (Various)
African Land SnailsVariousPrices from£7.00
African Land Snails are a giant species of snail from East Africa. They are one of the easiest pets to look after and are cheap to maintain, their slow movement and robust bodies make them a perfect pet for children to watch and are easy to handle.
Curly Hair (Wild Type) (Tliltocatl albopilosus)
Curly Hair (Wild Type)Tliltocatl albopilosusPrices from£10.00
Still one of the best beginner species of tarantula. These spiderlings have come from wild caught parents in Nicaragua so no risk of hybrids.

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Komodo Hygrometer Analog (For measuring humidity)
Komodo Hygrometer AnalogFor measuring humidityPrices from£3.99
Monitoring humidity within an enclosure is essential in providing your exotic pet with the correct environment.
Vetark Tamodine E (Multipurpose disinfectant)
Vetark Tamodine EMultipurpose disinfectantPrices from£12.95
Tamodine E is an iodophore disinfectant, it is suitable for general purpose vivarium disinfection
Komodo Thermometer Analog (For measuring temperature)
Komodo Thermometer AnalogFor measuring temperaturePrices from£3.99
Monitoring temperatures within an enclosure is essential in providing your exotic pet with the correct environment.
Arcadia EarthPro FlowerBoost (For plant eating reptiles)
Arcadia EarthPro FlowerBoostFor plant eating reptilesPrices from£4.19
Another addition from the EarthPro range, FlowerBoost is the ultimate food supplement for Tortoises, Bearded Dragons and other plant eating species of reptile.
Komodo Natural Tropical Vine (Artificial and bendable)
Komodo Natural Tropical VineArtificial and bendablePrices from£5.79
Komodo's Natural Tropical Vines are made from safe and flexible Coconut fibres for reptiles to climb and explore.
HabiStat Sliding Glass Door Lock (For sliding glass doors)
HabiStat Sliding Glass Door LockFor sliding glass doorsPrices from£3.19
Perfect for use with wooden vivariums and terrariums with sliding glass doors.

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