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Premium Leopard Gecko Kit
Exotic Pets Premium Tortoise Kit (Buy the best for your reptile)
Exotic Pets Premium Tortoise KitBuy the best for your reptilePrices from £76.99
A spacious and aesthetically pleasing tortoise starter kit that will look perfect in any home.
Arcadia Compact Reptile Lamps (0)
Arcadia Compact Reptile Lamps0Prices from £20.62
Compact lamps are a neat and energy efficient way of providing UV and light into a smaller enclosure. The lamps have internal electronic ballasts so no starter unit is required.
Zoo Med Eco Earth (Compressed natural substrate)
Zoo Med Eco EarthCompressed natural substratePrices from £2.60
Eco Earth is a compressed coconut fibre that is ideal for burrowing animals. It can be used to increase humidity in an enclosure. Each Eco Earth brick makes 7-8 litres of substrate.
Arcadia Basking Solar Flood (Daytime basking bulb)
Arcadia Basking Solar FloodDaytime basking bulbPrices from £4.79
These basking bulbs provide ambient heat in an enclosure as well as providing a wide flood source.
Lucky Reptile Thermo Strip (Adhesive backed)
Lucky Reptile Thermo StripAdhesive backedPrices from £13.06
A narrower version of the standard Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat, ideal for heating several small enclosures at once.
ProRep Viv Clean (Vivarium cleaner and disinfectant)
ProRep Viv CleanVivarium cleaner and disinfectantPrices from £3.19
ProRep Viv Clean has been specially formulated to be used with reptiles to destroy bacteria including salmonella and other micro-organisms.

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