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Premium Leopard Gecko Kit
ProRep Bug Gel (Insect water gel)
ProRep Bug GelInsect water gelPrices from£1.51
Specially formulated to provide a source of clean, fresh water for feeder insects without the risk of drowning.
Exo Terra Snake Bedding (Fibre substrates)
Exo Terra Snake BeddingFibre substratesPrices from£3.35
Aspen has been the substrate of choice for snake keepers for years, a biodegradable product sourced from sustainable forests.
Zoo Med Analogue Dial (Current readings in your enclosure)
Zoo Med Analogue DialCurrent readings in your enclosurePrices from£2.63
Zoo Med has four products of thermometer and humidty dials to choose from.
Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder (Floating feed station)
Zoo Med Floating Turtle FeederFloating feed stationPrices from£7.83
Provides mental stimulation for turtles by promoting natural foraging behaviour.
ProRep Bug Balls (For livefood)
ProRep Bug BallsFor livefoodPrices from£3.59
Providing water to your feeder insects is essential but often it leads to them drowning in dishes. Offering bug balls is an affordable and effective solution to this problem.
Zoo Med Can O' Bloodworms (Bloodworms in a can)
Zoo Med Can O' BloodwormsBloodworms in a canPrices from£4.31
Zoo Meds Can O' Bloodworms feature fresh Bloodworms that are "cooked in the can" to lock in nutrients. They are excellent for all aquarium fish, aquatic amphibians and turtles.

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Exotic-Pets.co.uk has been Home of the Alternative Pet for over a decade and we are one of the largest and most trusted online reptile specialists.

We carry stock of all major brands including Arcadia, Exo Terra, Lucky Reptile, Microclimate, ProRep and Zoo Med. Find everything you require for your new or existing exotic pet with our range of starter kits, vivariums, heating, lighting equipment, décor and substrates.

Our Pet Food section offers a broad range of specialist foods, which has seen us become a market leader in supplying fresh, healthy livefood, and quality frozen foods for reptile keepers and falconers.

We remain committed to offering comprehensive advice and care information on all the pets we sell and are happy to make recommendations based on your experience and abilities.

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