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Indian Stick Insect (Carausius morosus)
Indian Stick InsectCarausius morosusPrices from£2.50
The common, Indian or laboratory stick insect is a species of Phasmatodea (phasmid) that is often kept by schools and individuals as pets.
Olive Banded Millipede (Spirostreptus sp. 1)
Olive Banded MillipedeSpirostreptus sp. 1Prices from£6.95
A great display species and one that is easy to propagate. We believe this species may have been traded as the Burmese Millipede previously.
Cameroon Giant Black Millipede (Mardonius parilis acuticonus)
Cameroon Giant Black MillipedeMardonius parilis acuticonusPrices from£10.95
The Cameroon Giant Black Millipede is a medium to large species that reaches around 25cm from dry savanna areas.
Black Tunnelweb Spider (Porrhothele antipodiana)
Black Tunnelweb SpiderPorrhothele antipodianaPrices from£6.00
This spider was described by Peter Jackson as inspiration for the character Shelob in Lord of the Rings The Two Towers. They are heavy webbers and make interesting subjects to keep.
Israeli Gold Scorpion (Scorpio maurus)
Israeli Gold ScorpionScorpio maurusPrices from£15.00
The Israeli Gold Scorpion or Largeclawed Scorpion as it is also known is small species reaching between 4cm to 6cm.
Brazilian Black Tarantula (Grammostola pulchra)
Brazilian Black TarantulaGrammostola pulchraPrices from£25.00
The Brazilian Black Tarantula is a docile species, making them ideal for beginners. They are jet black and grow to an impressive size of up to 18cm.

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Exo Terra Crested Gecko Terrarium (Crested gecko habitat kit)
Exo Terra Crested Gecko TerrariumCrested gecko habitat kitPrices from£77.69
The Exo Terra Crested Gecko Terrarium come with everything you need to keep your gecko healthy.
Zoo Med Natural Bush Madagascar Bamboo (Plastic hanging plant)
Zoo Med Natural Bush Madagascar BambooPlastic hanging plantPrices from£3.19
Zoo Med Natural Bush Plants are available in three lengths, giving your exotic pet a place to rest and hide.
ProRep Jelly Pots (For reptiles and invertebrates)
ProRep Jelly PotsFor reptiles and invertebratesPrices from£4.19
Jelly pots are essential to the successful captive rearing of many invertebrates and considered a treat to many arboreal gecko species.
Komodo Kidney Bowl (Ceramic water dish)
Komodo Kidney BowlCeramic water dishPrices from£2.50
For those who prefer a clinicial approach to reptile keeping, the Komodo Kidney Bowls are ideal.
Zoo Med Can O' Cyclops (Cyclops in a can)
Zoo Med Can O' CyclopsCyclops in a canPrices from£2.50
Zoo Meds Can O' Cyclops feature fresh Cyclops that are "cooked in the can" to lock in nutrients. They are excellent for fry and small aquarium fish and aquatic amphibians.
Zoo Med Natural Bush Amazonian Phyllo (Plastic hanging plant)
Zoo Med Natural Bush Amazonian PhylloPlastic hanging plantPrices from£3.19
Zoo Med Natural Bush Plants are available in three lengths, giving your exotic pet a place to rest and hide.

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Blue Bug Fridge Magnet (Gift ideas)
Blue Bug Fridge MagnetGift ideasPrices from£2.00
Who doesn't want a cockroach or tree frog stuck to their fridge?
Zoo Med Eco Carpet (Cage carpets)
Zoo Med Eco CarpetCage carpetsPrices from£3.50
Zoo Med Eco Carpets offer a direct alternative to traditional substrate methods. Available in both single and twin-packs.
Zoo Med Tropical Mix-in Red Banana (Canned foods)
Zoo Med Tropical Mix-in Red BananaCanned foodsPrices from£1.95
Fresh canned fruits in sauce to be used as a mix-in with fresh pelleted diets.
Beware Advisory Signs (For indoor or outdoor use)
Beware Advisory SignsFor indoor or outdoor usePrices from£2.00
Fun beware signs appealing to many keepers and hobbyists. They also make great mouse mats!
Exo Terra Sand Mat (Desert terrarium mat)
Exo Terra Sand MatDesert terrarium matPrices from£6.50
The Exo Terra Sand Mat has a natural desert appearance and can be applied as a safe and hygienic substrate substitute for your desert reptiles.
Blue Bug Pin Badges (Realistic animal designs)
Blue Bug Pin BadgesRealistic animal designsPrices from£1.30
Collectable pins or an ideal gift for exotic pet enthusiasts.

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