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Exotic Pets Chameleon Kit

Exotic Pets Chameleon Kit
Full set up for medium sized chameleons

This starter kit is ideal for young chameleons or species that do not grow too large. Everything is included to help you set up the perfect housing for your new chameleon.

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For years now we have used the Zoo Med ReptiBreeze enclosures in our facilities. We find these to be the best product on the market for chameleons with their open air screen design and their ease to assemble. We are now offering a full starter kit, which will be ideal for most small to medium Chameleon species including Yemen and Panther Chameleons.

18x18x36inch Chameleon Kit

The RRP of all this equipment would normally be £295.10, but were offering this kit at only £199.00.

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  • Livefood - a selection of live foods are available to feed your pet
  • Chameleon - ideally purchase the equipment first then order your chameleon, however, you can buy everything in one transaction
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