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Exotic Pets Essentials Chameleon Kit

Exotic Pets Essentials Chameleon Kit
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Ideal for Chameleon enthusiasts looking to keep their first reptile, and for experienced keepers wanting a new pet.

Exotic Pets Essentials Chameleon Kit - Terrarium and Contents
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Terrarium and Contents
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All our setups have been thoughtfully designed by the Exotic Pets team, pooling together their collective knowledge in creating the optimum environment for your pet.

We pride ourselves on our kits containing everything your reptile needs both physically and mentally as standard to ensure it thrives in your care.

What’s in our Essentials Chameleon Kit and why?

Chameleons are easily one of the most visually striking of all reptiles, they make and excellent display species. Here at Exotic pets we understand the importance of providing an environment which mimics their natural habitat in order for your reptile to thrive. Our Essentials Chameleon Kit includes everything you will need for a healthy, happy Chameleon for life.

Our essentials kit includes a 61x 61x 122cm Screen cage; allowing for maximum ventilation, freedom of movement, greater range for thermoregulation and more space to add natural décor to enhance environmental enrichment.

UVB lighting is essential towards the health and well-being of all reptiles. Chameleons are essentially solar powered; not only does UVB contribute to their external appearance, it is vital for their bones. The kit comes with a top of the range UVB kit, simulating the levels they have access to from their rainforest home in the wild. We include essential heating by way of a Spot bulb, in a dome fitting; with extra peace of mind that a top of the line, Dimming Thermostat is controlling your temperatures. We also include a digital thermometer to ensure the correct temperature requirements are being met. The lighting is recommended to be on for 12 hours during the day, so we provide a 24 hour timer to allow everything to be switched off at night to allow for a natural night time temperature drop.

In the wild, Chameleons will feed on a huge variety of insects and on occasion vegetation (likely when capturing caterpillars and other larvae, or when insects are scarce). In captivity our goal should be to provide as much variety as possible, but to ensure they are receiving the correct balance of nutrients we include calcium and multivitamins including bee pollen. Something we advocate using throughout your chameleons entire life. It is as vital as the use of UVB; the combination of both is key for avoiding problems such as metabolic bone disease, which is an avoidable debilitating condition resulting from poor calcium levels.

Water quality is also important; we include a water conditioner to neutralise the chemicals in tap water and add beneficial electrolytes. Use this in the spray bottle provided to spray the foliage in your enclosure. Chameleons are stimulated to drink by running water, they will lick at leaves to keep themselves hydrated– it important to spray morning and evening, thus keeping humidity levels perfect– there is a hygrometer included which allows you to check this.

A natural looking habitat is not only aesthetically pleasing but it provides enrichment for your chameleon, encouraging instinctual behaviour and avoiding stress. Included with your Essentials Kit is natural cork bark branches, Jungle vines and artificial plants, this is perfect for creating a safe space in which your chameleon can hide in plain sight.

The included heating and lighting equipment will be providing the optimum environment for your chameleons, our kit is completed with substrate blended to mimic the natural terrain in the wild, this helps retain humidity when sprayed daily. The Essentials kit also includes reptile safe disinfectant for keeping the environment clean and smelling fresh.

Essentials Kit contents:

  • Reptibreeze Screen Cage - 61x61x122cm (24” x 24” x 48”) This size is perfect for Juveniles through to adults– a home for life!
  • Substrate Bottom Tray - Contains substrate and prevents leaks
  • Dome Reflector Fitting - High temperature heat proof, easy fit to hold the heat bulb securely
  • Basking Heat Bulb - Providing heat from above
  • Dimming Thermostat - Ensuring your vivarium is reaching the correct basking temperature year round
  • T5 UVB Kit- To provide essential UVB rays to promote health and wellbeing
  • 24hr Timer - To regulate the daylight hours within your enclosure
  • Digital Thermometer - The most accurate method of checking the temperature within the habitat
  • Complete Calcium & Multivitamins - In conjunction with UVB, these high quality supplements keep your Chameleon healthy
  • Chameleon Substrate - Blended to mimic your Chameleons natural terrain
  • 2x Jungle Vines - Perfect for climbing and basking on
  • 2x Large Branches - Perfect for climbing and basking on
  • 4x Large Realistic artificial plants - Adds to the natural look, provides shelter
  • Reptisafe - Makes tap water safe
  • Disinfectant - Reptile safe, perfect for deep cleaning and deodorising
  • Spray Bottle - For spraying twice per day
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