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Handling Equipment for sale

If you keep snakes of any sort then it is often convienent to use hooks or pinning sticks.

Exo Terra Collapsible Snake Hook
Exo Terra Collapsible Snake HookSnake handling hookPrices from£11.99
The Exo Terra Snake Hook is designed to make snake-handling easier and safer for both handler and snake.
Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop
Exo Terra Metal Poop ScoopFor spot cleaningPrices from£10.95
An indispensable tool for spot cleaning terrarium sand substrates in your terrarium. This durable metal scoop with comfort grip is perfectly sized and angled to reach into terrarium corners and has a finer mesh to catch more debris.
HabiStat Snake Hook
HabiStat Snake HookFor handling snakesPrices from£19.99
Perfect for keepers who lack confidence or keep aggressive species of snake.

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