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Newts and Salamanders for sale

Moist and smooth skinned with an almost lizard shaped appearance, these semi-aquatic creatures have slender bodies, blunt noses, short limbs and a long tail.

Alpine Newt
Alpine NewtIchthyosaura alpestris alpestrisPrices from£14.99
The Alpine Newt is one of the larger species within this family reaching a length of 10-12cm, males are smaller. Females are drab looking whereas males are brightly coloured during courtship.
Hokkaido Salamander
Hokkaido SalamanderHynobius retardatusPrices from£59.99
The Hokkaido Salamander is native to Japan, living in grasslands near lakes, marshes and ponds. They are medium-sized reaching a total length of 14 - 18cm.

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