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Zoo Med Dripper

Zoo Med Dripper
Perfect for tropical species

Zoo Meds Drippers simulate natural rainfall and provide humidity for captive reptiles.

  • Simulates natural rainfall
  • Helps increase humidity
  • Can be suspended above the enclosure

Zoo Med Dripper - Little Dripper 2.3 Litre
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
Little Dripper 2.3 Litre
Earn 65 PetPoints

Zoo Med Dripper - Big Dripper 3.8 Litre
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
Big Dripper 3.8 Litre
Earn 85 PetPoints

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The Dripper has a folding handle lid that allows you to suspend the dripper above the enclosure. Especially helpful for animals that do not readily drink standing water and instead drink 'dew' from leaves (i.e. Old World Chameleons).

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