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ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound

ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound
For bio-active enclosures

Creating a naturalistic habitat combined with living plants has never been easier. The ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound is the first of three stages.

  • First of three stages in terrascaping
  • Modelling compound
  • Add substrate to increase the effect
  • Easy to use

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What is the ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound used for?

The new terrascaping series have been designed to help make naturalistic enclosures with live plants. This not only looks great but is beneficial for your exotic pet preventing stress and increasing natural behaviour.

First start by creating a basic structure within your enclosure made from polystyrene, celcon block or expanding foam. Apply the texturing compound over the base structure to create a rock or wood effect. The resin can be left bare or why not press bark, coconut fibre or sand into it to make a rough, naturalistic surface which allows moss and plants to grow up it.

This powdered modelling compound is mixed with water to make a paste and then spread over the basic structure to make a textured, realistic base ready for sealing.

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