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Zoo Med Nano Breeze

Zoo Med Nano Breeze
Lizard and invertebrate vivarium

Ideal for housing and rearing many lizard and invertebrate species.

  • Beautiful, corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum screen cage
  • Clear, full acrylic front door for optimum viewing pleasure
  • Works great with Zoo Med’s Nano Dome or Nano Combo Dome Fixture
  • Easily assembled with a screwdriver

Zoo Med Nano Breeze - (25 x 25 x 30cm)
On Site (1-4 working days)
(25 x 25 x 30cm)
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What are Zoo Med Nano Breeze used for?

These vivariums are a scaled down version of the traditional Zoo Med Reptibreeze and are perfect for housing small lizard species such as anoles, geckos, and rearing baby chameleons. They also make excellent cages for stick insects, praying mantis and many other invertebrate species.

Additional information

Zoo Med Nano Breeze are ridgid, easy to assemble, and made from materials that are non-corrosive.

The most obvious benefit to using screen enclosures is the superior ventilation they offer and the unique design of this enclosure encorporates an acylic hinged front door to make it easier to see your pet inside. A hinged base also makes maintenance tasks such as changing substrate easy. You can also use one of the purpose made substrate trays.

Due to the compact nature of this product, it works very well with other Zoo Med Nano technology, such as the domes and basking lamps.

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