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Thermometers and Hygrometers for sale

The essential and only way of accurately measuring your equipment is setup correctly in your exotic pet enclosure.

Exo Terra Analog Hygrometer
Exo Terra Analog HygrometerHumidity dialPrices from£5.29
Some species of exotic pets require higher humidity levels therefore having the Exo Terra Analog Hygrometer will help maintain this.
Exo Terra Analog Thermometer
Exo Terra Analog ThermometerThermometer DialPrices from£5.29
The Exo Terra Analog Thermometer is a smart looking dial that will help ensure your exotic pets enclosure is at the correct temperature.
Exo Terra Digital Combometer
Exo Terra Digital CombometerThermometer and HygrometerPrices from£27.99
The Exo Terra Digital Combometer is a 2-in-1 precision instrument, equipped with a remote combined sensor for accurate temperature and humidity indication.
Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer
Exo Terra Digital HygrometerDigital humidity readerPrices from£21.99
The Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer is equipped with a remote sensor for accurate measurement and durability.
Exo Terra Digital Thermometer
Exo Terra Digital ThermometerDigital Precision InstrumentPrices from£15.99
The Exo Terra Digital Thermometer is equipped with a remote sensor for accurate measurement and durability.
Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer
Exo Terra Infrared ThermometerDigital pocket thermometerPrices from£25.99
The Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer is a pocket sized, light-weight point-and-click thermometer that instantly measures the temperature of a surface or object.
Zoo Med Digital Thermometer
Zoo Med Digital ThermometerFor measuring temperaturesPrices from£10.20
Digital thermometers offer greater accuracy over traditional dial thermometers and are one of the most important pieces of equipment used in the vivarium.
Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer
Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Infrared ThermometerFor measuring temperaturePrices from£33.99
Take instant temperatures with the click of a button. Easily monitor basking sites and thermal gradients within your terrarium or vivarium with the Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer.

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