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Lucky Reptile Critter Box

Lucky Reptile Critter Box
For spiderlings and mantis nymphs

If you enjoy keeping and rearing praying mantis nymphs and spiderlings like we do, you'll be glad to see a product that has been designed just for that purpose.

  • Ideal for keeping and raising various mini-beasts
  • Ventilated on the top with adjustable side ventilation
  • Feeding hatch for easy access
  • Easy to add substrate and bits of decor

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What are Lucky Reptile Critter Boxes used for?

This mini plastic terrarium is ideal for keeping or raising many mini-beasts such as mantids and arboreal spiderlings etc.

The two piece detachable design is ventilated in the top and also has adjustable side ventilation. The pluggable feeding hatch in the top allows food items to be introduced. This unique design enables multiple critter boxes to be set up with substrate and decor to contain a range of invertebrate pets.

Note: It may be possible for really tiny spiderlings to escape through the side ventilation if it's not kept closed. 

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