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Exotic Pets Spanish Moss

Exotic Pets Spanish Moss
Natural terrarium decor

Spanish Moss or Tillandsia usneoides is ideal for use in taller bio-active and naturalistic terrariums. Ideal for decoration, ground cover, and aids humidity levels if regularly moistened.

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What is Spanish Moss?

Fun fact, this moss is actually neither moss or Spanish! The scientific name Usneoides, means "resembling Usnea", a lichen. Confusingly, it may look like a lichen but it is actually part of the Bromeliad family of flowering plants and is native to the USA & Mexico. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Grandpa’s Beard’ due to the way it grows, hanging down from tree branches. This silvery plant is epiphytic- an air plant, meaning it has no root system and will grow on branches or other vertical surfaces such as backgrounds.

Our stock is responsibly sourced from Europe to ensure long term sustainability, dried out to remove unwanted pests and then carefully packaged. This process ensures that it is 100% safe for terrarium use.

The benefits of Spanish Moss

Spanish moss looks impressive in arboreal enclosures, it quickly and simply adds a natural vertical element for your animal to explore. This plant provides curtain-like cover in any woodland or tropical setting and looks great hanging from branches or as part of a background feature. It is also ideal for helping to maintain humidity levels. It can easily be re-hydrated, and under the correct environmental conditions it will begin to grow and spread. 

Alternatively, this plant can be used in its dry form in arid environments to create a simple but effective desert scrubland.

Whilst wild mosses might be used, all wild plants in the UK are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). Some species are specially protected against picking, uprooting, damage, and sale. Our Spanish moss is responsibly sourced from Europe and offers a safer and stress-free alternative for you and your exotic pet. Due to the drying process, our Moss will also have minimal risk of introducing unwanted pests such as slugs and snails into your controlled environment.

  • Suitable for bio-active and naturalistic terrariums.
  • Perfect for decoration and ground cover.
  • Stored dry but can be re-hydrated and become living.
  • Helps increase humidity if regularly moistened in the correct conditions.
  • Responsibly sourced from Europe.

How to use Spanish Moss 

There are several application methods that can be used.

  1. Hang from branches in your terrarium (can be secured with wire or string) and regularly moisten.
  2. Perfect for use as part of a background feature.
  3. Can be used as a structured nesting material for arboreal species. 
  4. Can be rolled to form ‘ball’ shapes, to mimic tumbleweed or shrubs in arid enclosures.
  5. Use full spectrum lighting for best results in encouraging plant growth.

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