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Reptile Systems Compact Specialist 5%

Reptile Systems Compact Specialist 5%
For tropical species

Produces a moderate UVB output, ideal for all subtropical and tropical species. Must be positioned vertically.

  • 5% UVB high output for the synthesis of vitamin D3
  • Full spectrum, excellent colour rendition
  • Use as a UV basking lamp
  • No ballast required, use E27 standard screw fitting
  • Not dimmable

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What are Reptile Systems Compact Specialist lamps used for?

Perfect for subtropical and tropical species of exotic pet that are from shady environments such as rainforest, woodland or similar.

Additional Information

Must be used with an appropriate reflector lamp or E27 ceramic lamp fixture, positioned vertically (no ballast required).

UVB Intensity @ 30cm (µw/cm²) 25
Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 5634
CRI (Color Rendering Index) 83.4
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