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Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant
Maranta leuconeura

Great for rainforest terrariums, adds a dense leafy canopy which is perfect for Frogs, Chameleons and arboreal Geckos.

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What do Prayer Plants look like?

This plant gets its name from the diurnal rhythm it displays; during the day the leaves are open and lay flat, at night, the leaves fold and curl upright as if in prayer. The broad leaves are oval in shape with a base colour of green, with different varieties displaying either spots or stripes. The undersides of the leaves (seen during ‘prayer’) are either green or deep red. This plant will grow to around 30cm tall, with each leaf reaching around 12cm.

Where are Prayer Plants from?

Native to tropical rainforests of Brazil.

How to care for Prayer Plants

These plants are perfect for a tropical environment and will thrive in hot and humid conditions. Plant in a warm area with moist but well drained coir substrate. Mist with water daily to keep humidity levels; they are quite sensitive to the chemicals in tap water so are best watered using either collected rain water, bottled or treated tap water. They will happily live in partially shaded areas of a terrarium but thrive under full spectrum plant growth LED lighting. They can be fed to encourage growth using a terrarium safe biofertiliser liquid made with Superworm Frass.

The benefits of using Prayer Plants

  • Reptile and amphibian safe.
  • Adds dense foliage cover in a terrarium.
  • Perfect for tropical bioactive setups.
  • Increases oxygen and reduces CO2 throughout the day.
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain.

Please note: Live plants will naturally vary in size and all sizes are approximate. Photos displaying multiple different colours are an example of the variety we stock, we will send random colours based upon availability.

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