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Artificial Decor and Hides for sale

If you're looking for a simple hide, cave or even a skull for your vivarium then you will find them here.

Exo Terra Buffalo Skull
Exo Terra Buffalo SkullSecure hiding place Prices from£4.47
The Exo Terra Buffalo Skull would look nice in a Savannah or Desert enclosure.
Exo Terra Crocodile Skull
Exo Terra Crocodile SkullSecure hiding place Prices from£9.75
This realistic Crocodile Skull would look great in any rainforest or aquatic set up.
Exo Terra Gecko Cave
Exo Terra Gecko CaveTerrestrial gecko cave Prices from£11.03
The Exo Terra Gecko Cave provides a secure hide and can be used as a humid area for terrestrial geckos by adding damp moss.
Exo Terra Jungle Vines
Exo Terra Jungle VinesArboreal vines Prices from£5.99
The Jungle Vines look and feels natural, it is ideal for arboreal reptiles and amphibians.
Exo Terra Primate Skull
Exo Terra Primate SkullSecure hiding place Prices from£5.03
Add a realistic look to your reptiles enclosure with a Exo Terra Primate Skull.
Exo Terra Reptile Cave
Exo Terra Reptile CaveSecure hideaways for Reptiles Prices from£5.27
Natural looking, the Exo Terra Reptile Caves make a perfect hiding place for most species of Exotic Pets.
Exo Terra Snake Cave
Exo Terra Snake CaveSnake hides Prices from£14.15
Your pet snake can now have it's own little snake cave, complete with moss to help with shedding of the skin.
Exo Terra T-Rex Skull
Exo Terra T-Rex SkullFossil hide out Prices from£5.03
The Exo Terra T-Rex Skull is extremely realistic and adds a prehistoric accent to any type of terrarium; desert, rainforest or aquatic.
Exo Terra Turtle Cliff
Exo Terra Turtle CliffAquatic terrarium filter and rock Prices from£54.39
The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff is a waterfall, basking area and filter in one, ideal for turtles and other semi-aquatic species.
Lucky Reptile Mantis Deco Set
Lucky Reptile Mantis Deco SetArtificial and natural decor Prices from£8.79
Lucky Reptile have designed a Deco Set aimed at Praying Mantids, however this can be used with a number of other animals as well.
ProRep Coco Vine
ProRep Coco VineFor creating a three dimensional habitat Prices from£6.39
These vines are multifunctional and can be moulded to create unique looking habitats by simply flexing or twisting them into shape.
Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log
Zoo Med Floating Turtle LogSecure hiding place and floating refuge Prices from£24.89
A natural looking log that floats at the water surface with a weighted base allowing animals to bask on top or hide inside.
Zoo Med Turtle Dock
Zoo Med Turtle DockTurtle land area Prices from£1.52
Providing an area for a Turtle to leave the water and bask is very important. Zoo Med have four different sized floating docking areas.

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