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Praying Mantis for sale

The foundations of Exotic Pets started from our passion in keeping these fascinating creatures. Mantis are an ambush predator like no other, heavily reliant on their sight and extremely good at camouflage.

Dead Leaf Mantis
Dead Leaf MantisDeroplatys lobataPrices from£8.50
These mantis mimic crumpled fallen leaves, giving them a superb natural camouflage.
Johannesburg Praying Mantis
Johannesburg Praying MantisMiomantis sp. Johannesburg cf. caffraPrices from£6.00
The Johannesburg Praying Mantis reaches an adult size of 3-6cm which is large for a Miomantis species. Females are much larger and plump looking compared to the males that are light and slender in appearance.
Orchid Mantis
Orchid MantisHymenopus coronatusPrices from£12.50
The Orchid Praying Mantis has to be one of the most beautiful Mantids within the hobby. It mimics an Orchid flower and will sit and wait for prey to visit for pollen.

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