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Praying Mantis for sale

The foundations of Exotic Pets started from our passion in keeping these fascinating creatures. Mantis are an ambush predator like no other, heavily reliant on their sight and extremely good at camouflage.

Budwing Mantis
Budwing MantisParasphendale agrioninaPrices from£7.50
Similar in appearance to P. affinis but with the noticeable difference of having orange and black colouration underneath the forewings rather than just black.
Panther Mantis
Panther MantisTarachodula pantherinaPrices from£8.00
The Panther Mantis is a small species reaching around two inches from Africa. They have powerful arms for catching prey and are not afraid to tackle large insects compared to their size.
Peruvian Leaf Mantis
Peruvian Leaf MantisPseudoxyops perpulchraPrices from£7.50
The Peruvian Leaf Mantis is named due to the area it can be found also when mature, females have leaf-shaped wings to allow them to mimic their habitat.
Spiny Flower Mantis
Spiny Flower MantisPseudocreobotra ocellata and wahlbergiiPrices from£8.00
The Spiny Flower Praying Mantis is an attractive Mantis, similar species to Indian Flower Mantids.

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