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Substrates for sale

With such a variety of exotic pets in today's market, there are also a lot of different substrates available. We stock a large range on site to cater for all vivarium and terrarium situations.

Arcadia Earthmix
Arcadia Earthmix Bio-active substratePrices from£11.99
Earthmix is a bio-active substrate made from sustainable Baltic black peat, Worm castings and Volcanic rock. EarthMix is a full spectrum, mineral rich substrate to help provide for plants and animals alike.
Arcadia Earthmix Arid
Arcadia Earthmix AridBio-active substratePrices from£13.99
Arcadia Reptile Earthmix Arid is an organic, multi-purpose substrate perfect for use in arid and scrubland environments.
Arcadia EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser
Arcadia EarthPro Bio-RevitaliserOrganic fertiliser for bio-active substratesPrices from£7.49
Arcadia EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser is an easy to use and very potent Bio-Active system feed, it can be thought of as an organic fertiliser.
Exo Terra Forest Moss
Exo Terra Forest MossDried mossPrices from£7.89
Exo Terra Forest Moss is real compressed moss grown in tropical Asia. This ecological substrate is ideal for increasing humidity in the terrarium and is totally safe for frogs, salamanders and burrowing or digging animals.
Exo Terra Riverbed Sand
Exo Terra Riverbed SandDesert substratePrices from£11.29
Riverbed Sand is perfect for many types of aquatic turtles especially Soft-shell turtle species which prefer fine sand for digging and burrowing.
Exo Terra Turtle Pebbles
Exo Terra Turtle PebblesNatural river pebbelsPrices from£12.89
Exo Terra Turtle Pebbles are smooth river pebbles that prevent injury to bottom dwelling or foraging turtles.
Exotic Pets Aspen Bedding
Exotic Pets Aspen BeddingFor snakes and small mammalsPrices from£2.79
Aspen Bedding is a natural, biodegradable and sustainable substrate. The wood particles are produced by shredding and heat treating fast growing aspen trees. Ideal for species that nest or burrow.
Exotic Pets Bark Chips
Exotic Pets Bark ChipsIdeal for tropical speciesPrices from£2.79
Bark chips are a natural, biodegradable substrate. Harvested from sustainable commercial forests throughout the UK and Europe. Ideal for species that require higher humidity due to its moisture retaining properties.
Exotic Pets Beech Chips
Exotic Pets Beech ChipsFor larger reptiles, birds and mammalsPrices from£2.79
Beech chips are produced from kiln-dried wood harvested from sustainable forests and are more suited to animals that prefer a drier environment.
Exotic Pets Beech Leaf Litter
Exotic Pets Beech Leaf LitterNatural terrarium decorPrices from£4.99
Beech Leaf litter is perfect for use in bio-active and naturalistic terrariums. Use for decoration, ground cover, and feeding invertebrates.
Exotic Pets Living Forest Moss
Exotic Pets Living Forest MossNatural terrarium decorationPrices from£5.99
Living Forest Moss is perfect for use in bio-active and naturalistic terrariums. Use for decoration, ground cover, and increasing the humidity if regularly moistened.
Exotic Pets Moss Peat
Exotic Pets Moss PeatIdeal for tropical speciesPrices from£3.19
A natural, sustainable substrate that can be used with many subtropical and tropical species of exotic pet. Perfect for growing plants in bio-active terraria.
Exotic Pets Oak Leaf Litter
Exotic Pets Oak Leaf LitterNatural terrarium decorPrices from£4.99
Oak Leaf litter is perfect for use in bio-active and naturalistic terrariums. Use for decoration, ground cover, and feeding invertebrates
Exotic Pets Vermiculite
Exotic Pets VermiculiteFor reptile egg incubationPrices from£2.55
A natural and inert product that will not decay or go mouldy. Vermiculite retains moisture over long periods of time, making it perfect for reptile egg incubation. It has been used successfully for decades by breeders worldwide.
Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece
Lucky Reptile Hydro FleeceSubstrate meshPrices from£6.59
The Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece is an essential product when creating a bio-active enclosure.
ProRep Aspen Bedding
ProRep Aspen BeddingSnake BeddingPrices from£5.99
A biodegradable reptile substrate made from non-toxic shredded wood. Ideal for both breeders and professional reptile keepers.
ProRep Bark Chip
ProRep Bark ChipOrchid bark substratePrices from£5.99
ProRep Orchid Bark Chip can be used in a number of enclosures, ideally used for forest or jungle living species of exotics.
ProRep Beardie Life
ProRep Beardie LifeBearded Dragon substratePrices from£12.79
ProRep Beardie Life is part of the species specific life series of substrates and has been designed to meet the needs of Bearded Dragons and other desert species.
ProRep Beech Chips
ProRep Beech ChipsNatural wood substratePrices from£5.99
The ProRep Beech Chip is suitable for larger species of lizards, snakes and mammals.
ProRep Beetle Grub
ProRep Beetle GrubComplete food for beetle grubsPrices from£6.99
ProRep Beetle Grub is a food that is specially prepared that has white fungus present that all larvae require to survive.
ProRep Bio Life Desert
ProRep Bio Life DesertBio active substratePrices from£11.09
Bio active substrates are designed to allow the maintenance of living ecosystems inside the terrarium.
ProRep Bio Life Drainage Medium
ProRep Bio Life Drainage MediumDrainage substratePrices from£8.49
The ProRep Bio Life Drainage medium is used in the base of bio-active terrariums; it creates a reservoir of water which moistens the substrate from below and helps to create a natural moisture gradient.
ProRep Bio Life Forest
ProRep Bio Life ForestBio active substratePrices from£11.09
The Bio Life Forest substrate has been designed to allow the maintenance of living ecosystems inside the terrarium and allow plant growth.
ProRep Coco Bedding
ProRep Coco BeddingLoose coco substratePrices from£6.79
The ProRep Coco Bedding is suitable for species that require a humid enclosure like amphibians and inverts.
ProRep Coco Brick
ProRep Coco Brick2 sizes availablePrices from£1.09
An expandable moisture retaining substrate for many species of reptile, amphibian and invertebrate.
ProRep Crestie Life
ProRep Crestie LifeForest SubstratePrices from£7.19
ProRep Crestie Life is part of the species specific "life" series of substrates and has been designed to meet the needs of arboreal species that require high humidity.
ProRep Desert Sand
ProRep Desert SandDesert substratePrices from£6.39
The ProRep Desert Sand is suitable for achieving a desert enclosure and allowing natural behavior of digging.
ProRep Leo Life
ProRep Leo LifeBio active desert substratePrices from£12.79
ProRep Leo Life is part of the species specific life series of substrates and has been designed to meet the needs of Leopard Geckos and other desert species.
ProRep Live Moss
ProRep Live MossLive sphagnum mossPrices from£5.09
The ProRep Live Moss will help keep humidity levels within terrariums and can be used as a nesting substrate.
ProRep Sedge Peat
ProRep Sedge PeatForest SubstratesPrices from£4.29
ProRep Sedge Peat is part of the species-specific life series of substrates and has been created to meet the needs of numerous species originating from humid habitats, including burrowing species.
ProRep Snake Life Lignocel Substrate
ProRep Snake Life Lignocel SubstrateSnake BeddingPrices from£6.39
Perfect for snakes that do not require high humidity environments and similar to the popular Aspen bedding but with a very low dust content.
ProRep Spider Life
ProRep Spider LifeSubstrate for InvertsPrices from£2.59
The ProRep Spider Life is a mixture of ingredients to help encourage burrowing and retain moisture.
ProRep Straw Bedding
ProRep Straw BeddingCompressed straw beddingPrices from£7.69
ProRep Straw Bedding is a safe and natural substrate for many tortoise species and large lizards.
ProRep Tortoise Life
ProRep Tortoise LifeTortoise beddingPrices from£6.79
The Pro Rep Tortoise Life has been created to meet the needs of tortoises originating from arid habitats.
ProRep Tortoise Life Bio
ProRep Tortoise Life BioTortoise beddingPrices from£8.79
ProRep Tortoise Life is part of the species-specific Life series of substrates and has been created to meet the needs of Tortoises originating from dry habitats, particularly Mediterranean and Russian Tortoises.
ProRep Tortoise Life Edible
ProRep Tortoise Life EdibleNatural beddingPrices from£6.99
ProRep Tortoise Life Edible is part of the species-specific Life series of substrates and is a 100% blend of natural botanical flowers, leaves and dried grasses suitable for all species of tortoise.
ProRep Vermiculite
ProRep VermiculiteIncubation substratePrices from£4.29
The ProRep Vermiculite can be used as an egg incubation medium or to help increase humidtiy levels when mixed with other soil substrates.
Zoo Med All Natural Frog Moss
Zoo Med All Natural Frog MossDried mossPrices from£8.49
Completely natural frog moss for use with frogs, toads, salamanders, garter or green snakes and all other moss environment species.
Zoo Med All Natural New Zealand Moss
Zoo Med All Natural New Zealand MossDried mossPrices from£9.59
New Zealand Sphagnum Moss is preferred over any other type of moss for terrarium use due to its unique softness and amazing moisture-holding ability.
Zoo Med Eco Earth
Zoo Med Eco EarthCompressed natural substratePrices from£3.49
Eco Earth is a compressed coconut fibre that is ideal for burrowing animals. It can be used to increase humidity in an enclosure. Each Eco Earth brick makes 7-8 litres of substrate.
Zoo Med Eco Earth (Loose)
Zoo Med Eco Earth (Loose) Loose natural substratePrices from£8.29
Direct alternative to compressed bricks of Eco Earth. This substrate is a by-product of coconuts.
Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate
Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing SubstrateClay substratePrices from£13.29
This substrate is different from most of the sand based alternatives. It allows your reptiles to dig tunnels and burrows just like they do in nature.
Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding
Zoo Med Forest Floor BeddingNatural substratesPrices from£10.59
Zoo Med Forest Floor is a natural cypress mulch substrate. It provides your terrarium with a natural forest floor look while retaining moisture to provide humidity to the enclosure.
Zoo Med Terrarium Moss
Zoo Med Terrarium MossDried mossPrices from£5.99
Terrarium Moss completely natural (no dyes or chemicals!) sphagnum moss cage substrate for amphibians and wetland environment reptiles.

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