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HabiStat Leopard Gecko Starter Kit

HabiStat Leopard Gecko Starter Kit
Ideal for young geckos

Contains everything you need to house a leopard gecko. This kit is designed to help you create an ideal environment to keep a leopard gecko or similar small terrestrial species.

  • Easy to setup
  • Includes all housing essentials
  • Ideal for novice keepers
  • Housing suitable for approximately a year
  • Contains a thermostat

HabiStat Leopard Gecko Starter Kit - Oak (61 x 38 x 30cm)
On Site (1-4 working days)
Oak (61 x 38 x 30cm)
Earn 1077 PetPoints

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What's inside the HabiStat Leopard Gecko Starter Kit?

What species is this starter kit suitable for?

Do you recommend anything else?

Dial thermometers are limited to measuring the ambient temperature only. For greater accuracy, we'd advise purchasing a good quality digital thermometer. This can be used to measure the temperature all over the enclosure. 

Finally, a cave or hide combined with sphagnum moss will aid your leopard gecko when shedding their skin.

Further advice on using these starter kits

For larger species such as Leopard Geckos and African Fat Tail Geckos, you will need to upgrade to a larger vivarium after one year.

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