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Basking Bulbs for sale

Basking bulbs are the best way of lighting your exotic pet enclosure and for creating a basking spot. This is essential for animals such as reptiles and amphibians that are ectothermic and rely on basking spots to regulate their body temperature.

Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp
Arcadia Halogen Heat LampFor general baskingPrices from£11.49
Ideal for all species of reptile, halogen lamps offer high light and heat output and a longer lifespan than regular basking bulbs.
Arcadia Solar Basking Floodlight
Arcadia Solar Basking FloodlightFor general baskingPrices from£3.99
Ideal for all species of reptile, where a wide beam is required for general basking.
Arcadia Solar Basking Infrared
Arcadia Solar Basking InfraredDay and night heat sourcePrices from£4.99
Ideal for heating a vivarium during the day and evening.
Arcadia Solar Basking Spotlight
Arcadia Solar Basking SpotlightFor intense baskingPrices from£3.99
Ideal for desert species of reptile, where a focused beam is required for intense basking.
ProRep Basking Spotlamp
ProRep Basking SpotlampClear basking bulbsPrices from£3.19
The ProRep Basking Spotlamp is ideal for providing a basking area in your exotic pets enclosure.
ProRep Green Jungle Spotlamp
ProRep Green Jungle SpotlampGreen basking bulbPrices from£2.99
The ProRep Green Jungle Spotlamp is used to simulate the sun shinning through a forest canopy.
ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp
ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp Day and night heat sourcePrices from£3.19
Ideal for nocturnal species and for providing a permanent night-time heat source.
Reptile Systems Basking Solar Spot
Reptile Systems Basking Solar SpotDaytime heat sourcePrices from£4.49
Perfect for creating an intense patch of heat and light in a specific area of your vivarium. Warmth regulation modelled on nature by sunbathing under the lamp.
Reptile Systems Infrared Heat Lamp
Reptile Systems Infrared Heat LampDay and night heat sourcePrices from£6.49
Ideal for heating a vivarium during the day and night. A great all-round source of heat for exothermic species. Low visible light for minimal night-time disturbance.

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