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Zoo Med Tortoise Block

Zoo Med Tortoise Block
Supplemental calcium block

The Zoo Med Tortoise Block provides enrichment to tortoises as they bite the block to get to the food inside and helps prevent beaks from over growing.

  • Provides enrichment
  • Helps prevent beaks from over growing
  • Mixture of nutritious vegetables
  • Solid Calcium base

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The Zoo Med Tortoise Block is designed to offer your tortoises and box turtles supplemental calcium while helping to maintain the beak and offer enrichment. Opuntia cactus, vegetables and alfalfa make this a great way to offer diversity to your tortoise's diet. It is a great source of calcium, spineless cactus, and other vegetables. It provides enrichment as your tortoise chews the block to get the food inside in turn helping to prevent an overgrowth beak.

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