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ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour

ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour
For bio-active enclosures

The ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour is added to the Terrascaping Sealing Resin to give a desired effect within your enclosure.

  • Add coloured pigment to sealing resin
  • Four shades available
  • No offensive smell
  • Safe to use in fully aquatic setups

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What is the ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour used for?

Adding a coloured pigment to the ProRep Terrascaping Sealing Resin helps to give a naturalistic look when sealing your work. This colouring pigment is mixed with the sealing resin to create a colour which matches the desired effect in the terrarium. Adding more or less of the pigment will determine how dark or light the colour is, the pigments can be mixed to create different colours.

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