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Trixie Willow House

Trixie Willow House
For hiding and resting

Ideal for Horsfield, Hermann, Marginated, Spur Thigh tortoises and more. The twin entrance allows easy hide access from both sides and privacy for resting animals.

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Product Information

Ideal retreat and hiding place with twin entrance suitable for tortoises, lizards, and snakes that are resting. The willow house does have a lying area on its roof and will be suitable for some exotic pet species that also climb. Can be placed into any tortoise table or wooden vivarium. Also suitable for guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits. 

  • A natural and unique product, each piece will vary in shape, size, weight, and colour
  • Provides shelter and privacy
  • Ideal for tortoise tables, wooden vivariums, rodent, and mammal enclosures
  • Made from 100% natural materials
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