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Microclimate Ultra-Fast Fuse Pack

Microclimate Ultra-Fast Fuse Pack
For dimming thermostats

Ultra-fast blow fuses protect dimming thermostats from electrical spikes which can permanently damage the device.

  • Protection from large electrical spikes
  • Prevents permanent damage
  • For dimmer and prime thermostats

Microclimate Ultra-Fast Fuse Pack - Pack of 5
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
Pack of 5
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What are Microclimate Ultra-Fast Fuse Packs used for?

Ultra-fast fuses operate fast enough to protect thermostats against large electrical spikes that can occur especially when an incandescent lamp fails. Not to be confused with standard fast-blow fuses fitted to some thermostat brands.

Additional Information

Fitted as standard to all Microclimate Dimmer and Prime thermostats.