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Bearded Dragon Diets for sale

A range of complimentary diets suitable for Bearded Dragons and other omnivorous reptiles.

Arcadia EarthPro Dragonfuel
Arcadia EarthPro DragonfuelSupplementary foodPrices from£9.39
Another addition from the EarthPro range, DragonFuel is the ultimate food supplement for Bearded Dragons, other omnivorous and herbivorous species of reptile.
Arcadia EarthPro FlowerBoost
Arcadia EarthPro FlowerBoostFor plant eating reptilesPrices from£5.59
Another addition from the EarthPro range, FlowerBoost is the ultimate food supplement for Tortoises, Bearded Dragons and other plant eating species of reptile.
ProRep Bearded Dragon Botanical Mix
ProRep Bearded Dragon Botanical MixComplimentary dried foodPrices from£2.99
Prepared complimentary diet of bearded dragon favourites. Includes flowers which are perfect for enticing Agama's into eating greens.
ProRep Beardie Feed Growing Kit
ProRep Beardie Feed Growing KitGrow your own foodPrices from£11.89
A wild plant mix selected specifically for feeding to Bearded Dragons and other herbivorous reptiles.
ProRep Beardie Feed Seeds
ProRep Beardie Feed SeedsGrow your own foodPrices from£6.79
A seed pack that can be used as a refill with the ProRep Beardie Feed Growing Kit or to sow an outdoors enclosure.
Repashy Veggie Burger
Repashy Veggie BurgerOmnivore gel premixPrices from£9.99
The Repashy Veggie Burger has been designed for omnivorous species; this can be made into small cubes or shredded.