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Zoo Med Flexible Hanging Vine

Zoo Med Flexible Hanging Vine
Flexible vine

Create a naturalistic and authentic rainforest look with flexible hanging vines. Perfect for combining with decor, plants, and other vines.

  • Can be moulded and shaped to suit your terrarium decor
  • Create a climbing surface for you reptiles
  • Perfect for all tree dwelling arboreal lizards, snakes, and frogs

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Product Information 

These six feet long vines are fantastic for winding around terrarium decor, plants, and other vines. Flexible vines can be moulded into many shapes creating climbing spaces in empty spaces in the terrarium.

The vines have a water-resistant exterior, making them long-lasting and ideal for tropical environments.

Perfect for old world chameleons, anoles, long tail grass lizards, arboreal geckos, ribbon, garter or green snakes and tree fogs.

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