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Microclimate Dimmer B1 Thermostat

Microclimate Dimmer B1 Thermostat
For any heat source

Perfect for use with basking bulbs and when a continuous temperature is required.

  • Temperature range 19-35°C
  • LED lights during operation
  • Easy access to quick blow fuses, maximum load of 600w
  • Enclosed key for easy temperature adjustment
  • 5 years manufactures warranty
  • Made in the UK

Microclimate Dimmer B1 Thermostat - Black
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What are Microclimate Dimmer B1 Thermostats used for?

If you own any sort of exotic pet then thermostats are one of the most important pieces of heating equipment you can purchase. They protect your pet from accidental overheating and give you complete control over vivarium temperatures.

These thermostats are designed specifically for controlling basking bulbs, but can be used to control any other type of heating device such as heat mats or ceramic heaters. Dimming thermostats work by a continous but variable supply of power. 

These devices have a anti-tamper adjustment dial which can be twisted with the enclosed key to the desired operating temperature.

Probe position is important and varies depending on the type of heating equipment you are using with the thermostat. Fortunately, these devices now have longer cable sensor lengths of 2.5m for easier reach around vivariums. The product manufacturer encloses additional instructions advising on the best probe position in each situation. 

Additional information

If you keep desert species of reptile then we'd advise purchasing a Microclimate Dimmer B1 HT as they are calibrated for a higher temperature range.

Like with all thermostats, do not rely solely on the calibration setting of this device, there will be slight variance, depending on the probe distance from the heating equipment. Therefore, it's good practice to manually check the temperature with a digital thermometer.

Finally, you will likely need to mount your thermostat to your vivarium. The new Microclimate Mounting Brackets are designed specifically to work with the standard range of thermostats and EVO's.

Do your research
Before you commit to buying any pet, please do your own independent research.