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Vivexotic Vivarium Stacking Feet

Vivexotic Vivarium Stacking Feet
For raising vivariums off the floor

Complete the look of your Vivexotic vivarium's by safely, securely, and stylishly, stacking them up and mounting them off the floor.

  • Easily mounted to base of viv
  • Screws and assembly instructions supplied
  • Adjustable feet
  • Allows stacking of vivariums

Vivexotic Vivarium Stacking Feet - Twin-pack
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What are Vivexotic Vivarium Stacking Feet used for?

Unless your intending on placing a vivarium on top of a piece of furniture or mounting it on top of a dedicated vivarium cabinet, you'll need to put your enclosure onto stacking feet to raise it from the floor. Each pack contains two feet that mount directly to the base of the vivarium using the supplied screws and following the assembly instructions enclosed. Depending on the size of the vivarium, you will need two packs of feet for the small models of Vivexotic vivarium and three packs for the medium, large and extra-large size enclosures.

Additional information

By using these feet correctly and raising your vivarium from the floor, you can stack Vivexotic vivariums on top of each other and up to four high. This saves a lot of space within your home and allows for easy maintenance of your pets.

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