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Giganterra Dragon Skull

Giganterra Dragon Skull
Decorative skeleton

This popular Dragon Skull is perfect for adding a fantasy themed element to your setup. Perfect for a variety of reptile, amphibian and invertebrate species.

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What is the Giganterra Dragon Skull?

An instantly recognisable decorative Dragon Skull which offers a multitude of climbing surfaces and is suitable for woodland, tropical or arid vivarium settings.

The benefits of the Giganterra Dragon Skull

This skull hide can be placed on either side of your enclosure, offering security and providing environmental enrichment for your exotic pet.

  • Suitable for terrariums, paludariums and vivariums.
  • It is made from polyester resin which is both reptile and aquatic-safe.
  • It is weighted so that the skull cannot be turned over easily by burrowing reptiles.
  • Provides a safe hiding place and enrichment.
  • It can be positioned on either side of your enclosure.

How to use the Giganterra Dragon Skull

There are several ways this product can be used.

  1. Place on the warm side of the terrarium or vivarium and use it as a safe retreat/basking area.
  2. Combining this with other decors such as plants and vines will add to the fantasy look.
  3. Carefully position your Skull under your UVB lighting, if your reptile or amphibian is given the opportunity to climb onto the top of the skull and closer to their lamps, it will usually provide a beneficial increase in UV index.

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