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Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop

Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop
For spot cleaning

An indispensable tool for spot cleaning terrarium sand substrates in your terrarium. This durable metal scoop with comfort grip is perfectly sized and angled to reach into terrarium corners and has a finer mesh to catch more debris.

Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop - Stainless Steel
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Stainless Steel
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What is the Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop?

It is the perfect tool for sieving through sand and removing soiled substrate from your vivarium.

Larger reptiles such as bearded dragons can create a lot of waste, this needs to be removed during routine maintenance.

The benefits of the Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoops

Keep your reptile’s vivarium in top condition by spot cleaning.

  • No direct contact with faeces.
  • Sieving will keep your substrate fresher for longer.
  • The angled shape allows you to get into vivarium corners more easily.

How to use the Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop

There are several ways this product can be used.

  1. Run through the substrate to remove any debris. Shake gently for the fine particles such as sand to fall through the fine mesh and remove any clumped waste from the enclosure. Repeat process until the whole enclosure has been thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Spot clean routinely and when necessary to prolong necessary substrate changes.
  3. Disinfectant scoop ready for its next use.
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